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Bred In Heaven

    by Jack Llewellyn



'Bred In Heaven' by Jack LlewellynInspired by the 1978 BBC film 'Grand Slam', this play is "a great dose of patriotic Welsh comedy" to quote Chris Carra of the South Wales Evening Post. The original TV film tells of an infamous trip that took Maldwyn, Glyn, Mog and Caradog away for the weekend to see Wales play France in the Five Nations Championship match that decided the Grand Slam title.

This time it's August 2011 and thirty three years have passed since Maldwyn and his then friends had their adventure. This time he has had an epiphany: hearing a voice in his head, Maldwyn believes he must travel to New Zealand to help Wales reach the final of the Rugby World Cup.

Beryl Davies (Maldwyn's sister) is fed up with husband Mike and son Dylan always going off to rugby matches, and because he forgot their 25th wedding anniversary, she warns Mike that he needs to do something to bring some 'togetherness' back to their relationship. When Maldwyn says at the rugby club that he needs to go to New Zealand, Mike and Dylan agree with Bryn Thomas and his son Gethin that this could be 'the trip of a lifetime', and they'd all love to go.

On this two month Kiwi tour lifelong friendships are strengthened and made, relationship make-ups and break-ups happen, and all under the watchful eye of the rathe camp tour leader, Maldwyn. Can they follow God's vision and help get Wales to the final? Can Maldwyn still stand after too many Mojitos? Can he stop looking at Shane Williams that way!?

Maldwyn and his rugby mad friends take the audience 'on tour' with them, but in order to be allowed along, Mike has had to kid Beryl that they're going on 'a trip of a lifetime' together, but fails to mention that while she's being pampered in the hotel beauty parlour and other womanly activities, he's off to the matches with the lads. This fast-paced comedy follows the highs and the lows of following the heroes in red who grace Gods green, green grass. But remember, what goes on tour stays on tour!

Frapetsus Productions premiered the play during the 2011 Rugby World Cup with a very successful Welsh tour, directed by Michael Bogdanov (Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal National Theatre, Wales Theatre Company)..


100 mins approx


Principals (5m, 1f)

  •   Maldwyn Novello Pugh – flamboyant, slightly camp gay man
  •   Mike Davies
  •   Beryl Davies – Mike’s wife, Maldwyn’s sister
  •   Dylan Davies – Mike’s son
  •   Bryn Thomas
  •   Gethin Thomas – Bryn’s son

Support (4m, 7f)

  •   Carys - rugby club barmaid
  •   Tour Rep – (f)
  •   Cindy – American, off duty stewardess
  •   Stewardess
  •   O'Gara - Irish, rugby player
  •   O'Driscoll – Irish, rugby player
  •   Nicolas Mas – French, rugby player
  •   Sebastien Chabal – French, rugby player
  •   Shane Williams
  •   Irish Girl
  •   Policewoman
  •   Kiwi Girl
NOTE: the majority of these roles can be doubled. The premiere production used 5m, 2f actors.


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