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Comedy (A-C)

Comedy Play Script: 'A Gladiator On The Town' by John Waterhouse

A Gladiator On The Town by John Waterhouse

(3m, 3f) Marcus is an olive farmer, and Livia, his wife, is a horse breeder. A mysterious trader from the East called Serapas arouses suspicion that he is after more than horses but then Claudia, a glamorous merchant, seems to be interested in more than Marcus’s olives. An attempt is made on the life of Livia’s father, Gallus who is the local magistrate but Gallus is not the only person who needs to watch his back.

Comedy Play Script: 'A Hint Of Old World Charm' by Michael Park

A Hint Of Old World Charm by Michael Park

(3m, 3f) A gentle comic tale about a run-down cottage and the people who inhabit it over a period of time: newly-weds who experience everything from invading mice to collapsing ceilings, a businessman desperate to spend a passionate weekend with his young secretary, and a retired couple who discover a supposed armed bank robber in their living room. Written for the larger theatre company and popular with college groups, it boasts longer roles for experienced actors down to a few lines for those with limited rehearsal time. Has a sequel in 'A Wisp Of Scotch Mist' (which also stands alone if required).

Comedy Play: 'A Hit And Miss Christmas' by Emma Wood

A Hit And Miss Christmas by Emma Wood

(3m, 4f) The Hit and Miss Theatre Company is in need a of a good Christmas show. It needs bums on seats, some festive cheer, and of course, a play with a moral. So it’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ then! However, there’s a new artistic director in town with new ideas, and Dickens has been done every decade in living memory. The heart and soul of the company are up for grabs as the battle wages between tried and true vs daring and new.


A Trivial Pursuit by Gerry Hinks

(2m, 2f) Librarian, Marcia, shares her home, and her passion, with her work colleague Beryl. Their passion is the game of Trivial Pursuit. But it becomes more than just a game when the ladies realise they can make money – big money – out of it. Soon the intrepid pair have a queue of gentlemen callers, keen to pit their general knowledge against them but invariably leaving with lightened wallets and deflated egos. Anthony and Gerard have hidden agendas of their own as one is an under-cover private investigator, the other a criminal who sees an opportunity in persuading the ladies to widen the scope of their operation. Complications set in when the two men come face-to-face and recognise each other!

Comedy Play Script: 'A Very Scottish Play' by John Waterhouse

A Very Scottish Play by John Waterhouse

(3m, 3f) Terry decides to go away with his wife for a few day’s complete rest on a remote Scottish island but soon finds out that the island has a host of natural hazards as well as numerous dangers from animals and insects. Things only get worse when a ghost appears nightly at the window, a flamboyant American film producer arrives looking for set locations, and a clairvoyant staying at the guesthouse believes that the ghost is giving dire warnings.

Comedy Play Script: 'A Visit To Eastern Europe' by John Waterhouse

A Visit To Eastern Europe by John Waterhouse

(2m, 6f) Frank is on his first overseas trip to a small, former Soviet Bloc state where a big machine-parts order is being fought over, and meets a young French woman from a competing company. Two airline stewardesses arrive at the hotel and the four begin to talk in the lobby bar area about cultural differences. A military coup suddenly forces everyone to adapt to changes circumstances and national and cultural differences take on a deeper significance.

Comedy Play Script: 'A Wisp Of Scotch Mist' by Michael Park

A Wisp Of Scotch Mist by Michael Park

(4m, 8f) The hilarious sequel to ‘A Hint of Old World Charm’ (complete in itself) in which some of the same characters go on holiday to a small hotel on the shores of Loch Ness. The promise of peace and quiet is shattered when they get caught up in a battle between the owner and a pushy developer, with their first night plagued by mix-ups over room allocations and ghostly goings-on. As the location suggests, there is also the possibility of a visit from the legendary monster.

Comedy Play Script: 'Agatha Crusty And The Village Hall Murders' by Derek Webb

Agatha Crusty And The Village Hall Murders by Derek Webb

(4m, 6f or 3m, 7f) Agatha Crusty (pronounced 'Croosty') is a crime novelist. She's also pretty adept at solving crimes. So, when she spends a few days with her sister-in-law in the village of Chortelby, it's not long before she gets caught up in a series of murders which seem directed at members of the All Saints Village Hall committee. And with an investigating officer as incompetent as DI Twigg, the laughs pile up as fast as the bodies.

Comedy Play Script: 'Agatha Crusty And The Murder Mystery Dinner' by Derek Webb

Agatha Crusty And The Murder Mystery Dinner by Derek Webb

(5m, 6f) Geoffrey and Caroline Robertson are having a dinner party to celebrate ten successful years of 'Mighty Midget' Vacuum Cleaners, and to add spice to the evening they make it a murder mystery dinner. There's a special surprise too - Geoffrey has invited the well-known crime novelist, Agatha Crusty (pronounced ‘Croosty’) to join them. But, when one of the guests is actually murdered, it’s no laughing matter... except this is an Agatha Crusty murder mystery so there are laughs a-plenty. And also a genuine mystery to tax the little grey cells. 

Comedy Play Script: 'Agatha Crusty And The Health Spa Murders' by Derek Webb

Agatha Crusty And The Health Spa Murders by Derek Webb

(3m, 7f) Amateur detective Agatha Crusty (pronounced ‘Croosty’) decides that a spell at a health spa is just what she needs to recharge her batteries. At first things go swimmingly, but soon, when a body is found in the mud bath, Agatha finds herself yet again, due to the inept DI Aster (who is a cousin of the redoubtable DI Twigg), having to swap pleasure for business and 'assist' his enquiries by doing the job herself. There's humour throughout, but, being an Agatha Crusty murder mystery, there is also a genuine mystery with an ingenious plot to once again tax the little grey cells of the audience.

Comedy Play Script: 'Agatha Crusty And The Pantomime Murders' by Derek Webb

Agatha Crusty And The Pantomime Murders by Derek Webb

(4m, 7f) Agatha is in Giglinton for a Book Festival when she meets the local amateur dramatic group starting rehearsals of their production of Peter Pan. Sadly these are cut short when an actor is killed. The police believe it to be an accident as they do another death which occurs soon after. Agatha however is convinced that the deaths are murders, and believes them to be connected, something born out when a third member of the group dies; all with clues seemingly referring to a pantomime. And, being an Agatha Crusty murder mystery, the laughs pile up as fast as the bodies.

Play Script: 'Agatha Crusty And The Medieval Murders'

Agatha Crusty And The Medieval Murders by Derek Webb

(5m, 6f) Agatha decides to join a genealogy course, being held in one of the best-preserved medieval houses in the country called Bramwell Towers.  She has scarcely been there a few hours when someone dies in suspicious circumstances. And then one by one others follow. It’s time to call in the police, but the arrival of a certain D I Twigg doesn’t fill anyone with optimism.  And, yet again, it falls on Agatha to solve the case amid bodies piling up as fast as the laughs.

Comedy Play Script: 'Alter Ego' by Tom Casling

Alter Ego by Tom Casling

(4m, 2f) Richard has reached a point in his life where everything is going wrong. By trade he is a cars sales person but the industry is precarious and he is continually being made redundant.  He has reached an age in life when he doubts himself, hates the way he looks and his relationship with his wife is humdrum. "Who would have my life?’" is his constant retort. Then  one morning Richard wakes up to find his own obituary in the local newspaper.

Comedy Play Script: 'Altered Egos' by Nick Broadhead

Altered Egos by Nick Broadhead

(4m, 3f) Do you have an alter ego, a second self, distinct from your own personality, that you talk to as though it were a close friend? Somebody always on hand to let off steam to? Well, Bernard does, and one day it surprises him by talking back, something it’s never done before. This doesn’t faze him quite as much as the appearance of a woman, who turns out to be his wife Delia’s alter ego. The two alter egos, not unsurprisingly perhaps, seem to like one another, but even they are surprised to meet Delia’s ghostly parents who have arranged to partially materialise. A crazily compelling comedy!

Comedy Play Script: 'Amateur Rites' by Tim Luscombe

Amateur Rites by Tim Luscombe

(3m, 6f) A fast-paced, hilarious comedy of modern manners. What could be more unsurprising than a suburban AmDram company staging a Jane Austen adaptation? But the ambitions and neuroses of the members of Pogchurch Valley Amateur Dramatic Society come to a perilous and uproarious climax in the white heat of the rehearsal process for their production of Northanger Abbey. Alternately laugh-out-loud-funny and tender, this is a 'Stepping Out' for the twenty first century.

Comedy Play: 'Angels AWOL' by John Waterhouse

Angels AWOL by John Waterhouse

(3m, 3f) Daphne and Rachel are two Angels with time on their hands; one watches over a young woman in a deep coma, whilst the other watches over an old man who has lost his senses. When Daphne suggests that they might go AWOL for a few months and live as humans, Rachel is sorely tempted. They are about to embark on an exciting adventure but there might be unforeseen consequences.

Comedy Play Script: 'Baroque 'n Roll' by Derek Webb

Baroque 'n Roll by Derek Webb

(3m, min 1f) A comedy drama with music and very big wigs! Baroque ’n’ Roll is a romp through the larger-than-life lives (and glorious music) of three of the most celebrated composers of all time: Handel, Bach and Scarlatti, all born in the same year, 1685, and who grew to become undisputed giants of baroque music.

Comedy Play: 'Bred In Heaven' by Jack Llewellyn

Bred In Heaven by Jack Llewellyn

(5m, 2f) Now available after a a very successful Welsh tour, directed by Michael Bogdanov (Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal National Theatre, Wales Theatre Company). Rugby fanatics Mike, Bryn, Dylan and Gethin join forces to ensure that the rather camp Maldwyn, gets to New Zealand so that he can help the Welsh rugby team to win the World Cup. Mike is forced to take his wife Beryl, and has to convince her that she is in New Zealand to enjoy an idyllic, rugby-free holiday with her loving husband. Both endeavours lead to comedically complicated conclusions!

Comedy Play Script: 'Catching The Earlier Bus' by David Morrison

Catching The Earlier Bus by David Morrison

(4m, 6f) Judy returns from holiday to her job as receptionist in a vet’s practice, to find things have changed while she has been away. A partner has been hospitalised, and a locum from eastern Europe appointed to fill in. However, his methods are unorthodox, and there are a series of misunderstandings with patients. At the same time, Judy is telling her colleague, Sally, all about her holiday fling, interruptions by the Major permitting!

Comedy Play: 'Canoeing For Beginners' by Mike Yeaman

Canoeing For Beginners by Mike Yeaman

(3m, 2f) Very loosely based on a famous tabloid case, an insurance scam involving a faked canoeing accident goes spectacularly wrong and turns a family into bitter turmoil.  The action relocates from Britain to a Havana hotel room where a surreal twist  keeps the audience guessing, as blackmail and double-dealing turn the dark comedy into a frenetic classic farce. 

Comedy Play: 'Charade' by Janet Shaw

Charade by Janet Shaw

(5m, 7f, 1f junior, 2m/f) Kate is about to marry Steven on a romantic Greek Island. Their families haven’t met before arriving and now do so with a clash of style and temperament. Felicity, Kate’s genteel and refined mother is confronted with Steven’s mother, Rene, a loud and brash ‘rough diamond’ and immediately the sparks begin to fly! Their arguing leads to a rift between the nearly newlyweds who call off the wedding. Kate’s Aunt arrives and reveals that Kate and Steven both have the same father which cements a new uneasy relationship between Felicity and Rene. Humour and pathos abound in this hilarious play.

Comedy Play Script: 'Chip Off The Old Block' by Gerry Hinks

Chip Off The Old Block by Gerry Hinks

(3m, 2f) A farce about mistaken intentions where reality takes a back seat and misunderstandings take on lives of their own. High flying executive, Roger and his wife, Jenny prepare for the arrival of Drew, a young American executive being groomed for higher things. Claire turns up and announces she is pregnant and she and Jenny go out to celebrate. Whilst they are out, Drew arrives a day earlier than expected and makes a revelation to David and his dad, Roger, after which nothing will ever be the same again.

Comedy Play Script: 'Cognitive Therapy' by Elizabeth Bromage

Cognitive Therapy by Elizabeth Bromage

(5m, 5f, 1m/f) The action takes place in a local health centre. Used for different purposes, today’s is being used for depression-cum-thinking disorders – known as ‘Cognitive Behaviour Therapy’. Five new patients are starting their class. They are all strangers to each other and are feeling anxious and nervous. They don’t know what to expect, except that there will be Doctor, a Counsellor and a clinical Psychologist there. They really don’t expect the Receptionist!

Comedy Play: Coincidences Will Happen' by Colin Barrow

Coincidences Will Happen by Colin Barrow

(3m, 4f) Emma, having just returned from her husband’s funeral, realises it was a mistake to invite a few mourners back to the house after the wake. Gary, Emma’s brother, who has had three wives and eleven children moves onto pastures new by two timing both of Emma’s best friends. Those friends then turn up at Emma’s birthday party, heavily pregnant, and wearing jewellery Emma though she’d lost. Jewellery given to Emma by her late husband... what a coincidence!

Comedy Play: 'Connection Failed' by Jack Llewellyn

Connection Failed by Jack Llewellyn

(3m, 3f) The internet gave us social networking; our lives being played out in front of invited guests. This play focuses on the lives of a group of young professionals who are trying to survive the dating game and balance their relationships in the full glare of their Facebook 'friends' ... the trouble is that everyone knows now who you've poked!

Comedy Play Script: 'Country Dances' by Gawthorpe & Bown

Country Dances by Ann Gawthorpe & Lesley Bown

(4m, 7f) When Emily Hetherington moves to the country, she sees herself as the new 'lady of the manor', but the locals have their own agenda. And then, of course,  there's Thomas and his herd of cows, bent on wreaking havoc in Emily's top of the range kitchen. Set in the early 1970s, when Formica worktops were the height of fashion, this fast-moving three act comedy is easy to stage with just one simple living room set.

Comedy Play Script: 'Crazy Horses' by Mark Norman (Image by Deborah Mitchell)

Crazy Horses by Mark Norman

(7m, 3f, 3m/f) Staging a coup against God is all very well, but only if the people staging it know what they’re doing... which the Four Horsepeople of the Apocalypse don’t. To  make matters worse, Satan proves not to be quite the evil genius they were expecting and  there’s more to God than meets the eye. Also available as a one act version.

Comedy Play Script: 'Crazy Ladies' by Devon Williamson

Crazy Ladies by Devon Williamson

(1m, 5f) Pamela Browne has organised a 25 year reunion for her four best High school friends. From the moment Kay, now a chocoholic gun toting funeral director, arrives the wheels begin falling off Pamela’s meticulously planned weekend. Added to the mix is Sandy, who is now a Nun, Dianne, married the school nerd and a mother of eight sons, Rachel, a runaway teenager on a mission to dig up some dirt on her mother, and Shaun, the greasy motel janitor. This outrageous comedy is a rollercoaster ride of emotion. It has a sequel: 'Menopause Made Me Do It!'

Comedy Play Script: 'Curl Up And Die' by Anna Longaretti

Curl Up And Die by Anna Longaretti

(3m, 7f) Ruth's antiquated hairdressing salon’s only chance of survival is a complete make-over, funded by winning the big-cash-prize hairdressing competition run by ‘Fab Hair’ magazine. On the day of the contest things are looking hopeful until, despite being told that the Salon would be closed today, Ruth's old faithful blue rinse ladies arrive and inveigle their shampoo and sets from her. Then the petulant model throws a strop, the Spanish photographer fuses the lights, and a pompous Health And Safety Officer arrives for a routine 'in depth' inspection. In the middle of the mayhem one of the ‘old biddy’ customers seemingly dies under the drier. Could things get any worse?