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I'll Be There In A Minute Now

    by Jack Llewellyn



Comedy Play Script: 'I'll Be There In A Minute Now' by Jack LlewellynThe sequel to 'Whose Coat is that Jacket?', this play aims to further explore the issues of what occurs when ambition is mixed in with tradition.

Again we join the Williams family as they suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune. Bleddyn, the baby of the family has moved to London, the first of the Williams ever to leave God's green land, and unbeknown to all he has fallen in love with big city life. Will having a beautiful Welsh girlfriend settled in Cardiff, and a loving family waiting for the prodigal son to return to Trimsaran be enough to stop him opting for the bright lights of London Town?

Rhodri still finds himself working at Massey Fergusson, though he has now progressed up the ladder to Chief Engineer. Angharad and Dai are still the glue that holds the family together, married still for another three years, happy enough so long as they both disagree on something.

Bleddyn and Ieuan are in the final year of their course at University. The boys now live in a flat in Ealing, West London, easily commutable to their respective Universities, but also cheap enough to ease the burdens on their wallets.

A new character is Ffion, Bleddyn’s girlfriend who works for the Welsh Assembly. She too is from Trimsaran and has been going out with him, since the summer following his first year of University.

It's a tug of war between nurture and nature in this hilarious dark comedy.


100 mins approx


(4m, 2f)

  • Dai - 55, Father of the Williams family
  • Angharad - 51, Mother of the family
  • Rhodri - 31, Williams’ family’s eldest
  • Bleddyn - 21, Williams’ family’s youngest
  • Ffion - 21, Bleddyn's girlfriend
  • Ieuan - 21, Bleddyn’s best friend


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