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Comedy (D-J)

Comedy Play Script: 'Dame Agatha And The Little Point Affair' by Robert Sheppard

Dame Agatha And The Little Point Affair by Robert Sheppard

(10m, 10f) At Little Point Church Hall, during a fraught rehearsal of ‘Don’t Tell the Vicar!’, one of the actors is murdered. Dame Agatha Crustie, doyenne of amateur sleuths, steps up to investigate alongside Chief Inspector Morose of the local police. Unravelling a tangle of confusing evidence, she outwits Morose and solves the case. A bunch of ill-assorted thespians, including some highly eccentric characters, and a selection of tuneful songs make this a terrific murder mystery thriller. Includes a selection of 10 optional songs set to Gilbert and Sullivan tunes but with new lyrics.

Comedy Play Script: 'Dame Agatha's Greatest Case' by Robert Sheppard

Dame Agatha's Greatest Case by Robert Sheppard

(8m, 9f) A murder mystery spoof in which several eccentrics attend a country house party where Sir Humphrey Yewtern, Cabinet Minister, is murdered. Who did it? His wife (in love with another man), her playboy lover, the threatening gangster, the minister's mistress, or angry ex-mistress, her brother, a Hollywood starlet, or even the host? Dame Agatha Crustie rounds up the usual suspects and the murderer is finally revealed to the bewilderment of Inspector Corner of the Yard. Includes a selection of 9 optional songs set to Gilbert and Sullivan tunes but with new lyrics.

Comedy Play Script: 'Disconnected' a full length play by Nick Wilkes

Disconnected by Nick Wilkes

(3m, 2f) Norman, a telephone engineer, is sent to the island of St Peter to disconnect their only remaining telephone box to the dismay of the residents who prove to be a rather unusual bunch. Will he be able to complete the job before the weekly boat leaves, or will he, like the island, become disconnected?

Comedy Farce Play Script: 'Don't Get Your Vicars In A Twist' by Gawthorpe & Bown

Don't Get Your Vicars In A Twist by Ann Gawthorpe & Lesley Bown

(6m, 5f) WINNER: Derek Lomas Playwriting Competition 2005
A fast-moving and hilarious farce about Church Warden George Williams who has rented out a temporarily empty vicarage to a travelling drama company for a Murder Mystery weekend to pay for his daughter’s wedding. Unfortunately, Bishop Herbert appoints the Rev Caroline Timberlake before the weekend can take place. But when Caroline goes away for the weekend George is determined that the Murder Mystery still goes ahead. As the chaos mounts he finds himself kidnapping a bishop and pretending to be Caroline. Simple to stage with only one set, but it provides plenty of scope for the actors to hone their comedy skills, both verbal and physical.

Comedy Play Script: 'Don't Mess With The Curtain Cords' by Pip Burley

Don't Mess With The Curtain Cords by Pip Burley

(3m, 5f) A couple are desperate to sell their house but soon find the whole business much more exhausting than they expected.  Enjoy a helter-skelter ride as Richard and Jane Harvey hurtle through a hilarious sequence of events leading to an unexpected conclusion…


Dying To Be Heard by Keith Trezise

(4m, 3f) Charles and Maggie, about to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, discover that their daughter is planning a surrogate pregnancy, and their son may well be involved in cross-dressing. The arrival of Maggie's elderly deaf stepfather and his sexy nurse doesn't help matters, and who is the mysterious Ralph, who wanders round the house, but nobody seems to know who he is.

Comedy Play Script: 'Dying To Meet You' by Ron Hutson

Dying To Meet You by Ron Hutson

(4m, 4f) An hilarious and fast-moving farce. Richard and his wife, Barbara, in a mix-up, offer the same room as lodgings to a young man (who turns out to be an undertaker) and a young Italian woman (who possibly has the Mafia after her). Confusion, panic, cross-dressing and many misunderstandings abound. The situation is not helped when an Italian 'gentleman' arrives with a violin case. What could possibly go wrong?

 Comedy Play Script: 'Fairway To Heaven' by Diana Raffle

Fairway To Heaven by Diana Raffle

(3m, 5f) In Lady Fotheringham's stately home, Cheryl and Trevor Slater-Rees both have important business to conduct. Meanwhile Lady Fotheringham is trying to throw a party for her rather elderly friends. This hilarious farce has audiences laughing out loud as Trevor and his friend Bob lurch from dilemma to disaster and dead bodies start piling up. With an intellectually challenged gardener's daughter, several "interesting" costume changes and Maria's fiery temperament added into the mix - the chaos continues. This fast paced farcical comedy promises silly twists and turns... with innuendo a-plenty.

 Comedy Play Script: 'Father's Funeral' by David Challenger

Father's Funeral by David Challenger

(2m, 4f) Funerals are normally sombre affairs but Jack Jones' funeral turns out to be anything but. Tale two daughters who don't see eye-to-eye and are arguing over the arrangements, an illegitimate son, a father who is a womanising fraudster, and two female strangers who have their own motives for attending, and you have a play that is full of drama and comedy that keeps the audience guessing what is going to happen next.

Comedy Play Script: 'Frozen Assets' by Tom Casling

Frozen Assets by Tom Casling

(3m, 5f or 3m, 3f) Brenda Middleditch is a thoughtful mother and has planned for every eventuality. Peter her son is not. He is a chancer, takes risks, and had a few brushes with the law in his younger life. Peter has now reformed, he is older, wiser, married to Claire, who is about to have a baby. He is also heir to £50,000 should his mothers insurance policy pay out on her 65th Birthday. Unfortunately Brenda dies three days too soon, which results in a series of practical problems regarding Brenda's planned medical insurance checkup.

Comedy Play Script: 'Grandad' by Tom Casling

Grandad by Tom Casling

(5m, 6f) Grandad lost his wife a few years ago and, as a result of a stroke and the illness which followed, had to move in with his son Dave, daughter-in-law June and their two teenage children.  We meet the family two years on.  Whilst the day-to-day effects of Grandad joining the family have had little impact on Dave and the two children, the relationship is beginning to take its toll on June.

Comedy Play Script: 'Granny's Game' by Michael Park

Granny's Game by Michael Park

(5 or 6m, 4f) Young Joanna Edwards is a computer whizz-kid and when she invents a strategy game which attracts the attention of a marketing company, her cash-strapped family look forward to being in the money for once. Unfortunately, others are intent on stealing the game and it’s up to Jo’s wily Gran to thwart these erstwhile computer pirates, with hilarious results. Containing occasional moments of farce, this is perfect for a family audience and has a range of eccentric, but memorable, characters.

'He's Much To Blame' by Thomas Holcroft

He's Much To Blame

(6m, 4f, 1m/f) A play by Thomas Holcroft, part of our Regency Repertoire
Outside London, a young woman named Maria is looking for her long lost love. Staying in a bizarre hotel she encounters all stations of Georgian society, romantic rivals and dangerous enemies, as her search descends into a whirlwind story of disguises, hidden secrets, ancient grudges and current fancies. We are offered a cartoon-like glimpse of the great and grotesque of Georgian England - seeing fashion-mongers, time-servers, flatterers, the obscenely wealthy, the working poor, deceivers, idealists and even quack doctors.

Comedy Play Script: 'Holiday At Home' by Colin Barrow

Holiday At Home by Colin Barrow

(2m, 5f, 2m/f) A string of jewellery thefts close to the stately home of Lady Boucher has made her nervous about going on holiday, so her butler, Scribbins, helps to plan a 'holiday at home', and after their 'departure', they return secretly to Thrivington Hall for the fictitious week's holiday only to find that the Hall has been burgled. Are Alice and Felicity, two ladies of the village, and the Vicar involved? And what about Lizzie, the Hall's new maid with a strange CV? As the plot thickens, including the death of Alice, it becomes a puzzling problem with unexpected twists for Inspector Warwick to solve.

Comedy Play: 'Holiday Home' by Elizabeth Bromage

Holiday Home by Elizabeth Bromage

(4m, 5f, 1m/f) Three couples arrive for their holiday, a fancy dress and karaoke themed weekend, only to discover that most of the island hotel is an old ancestral pile that is rapidly being reclaimed by the sea. Stuck in a fast disappearing building, with argumentative strangers, odd staff, and a weather front that has cut them off from the mainland, they have their hands full with family mysteries and a long-ago drowning. Do they really want to go on a ghostly treasure hunt too?

Comedy Play Script: 'Hospital Affairs' by Carole Tricker

Hospital Affairs by Carole Tricker

(6m, 5f) This farce is set in an unused hospital ward where a porter hosts poker games for patients. However, Jane, the hospital manager, sees the ward as an ideal place to seduce Dr Preston, and Nurse Susie wants to continue her affair with the same doctor.  Mayhem ensues when another porter brings in his Gran to sleep there as he has overfilled their house with Airbnb guests.

Comedy Play Script: 'How To Relax In Amsterdam' by John Waterhouse

How To Relax In Amsterdam by John Waterhouse

(3m, 3f) Peter has arrived in Amsterdam to spend some time with his friend Saskia whom he met on holiday in Spain. Looking forward to a relaxing stay, he sees himself on TV committing a bank robbery and then discovers he has lost his passport as well, his identity from which is being used to frame him. Wondering if anyone except Saskia will believe he has not committed a crime, Peter tries to lie low but is recognised by another flat resident, the voluptuous Dagarada, a psychologist who is into karate and she has her own agenda for Peter.

Comedy Play Script: 'How To Relax In Andalucia' by John Waterhouse

How To Relax In Andalucia by John Waterhouse

(Two Versions: 3m, 3f or 2m, 3f) Peter, recently made redundant and divorced, is just wanting to use his new found freedom to read and to avoid women. A small quiet guest house in Southern Spain seems to be what Peter is looking for until three backpackers arrive; Carol, the ex-girlfriend of a gangster, Saskia, an annoyingly friendly Dutch woman and Mick, a loud-talking Australian. Then a curious detective from England arrives on the scene. Is Peter’s quest to find solitude and relaxation in jeopardy?

Full Length Comedy Script: 'How To Train Your Husband' by Devon Williamson

How To Train Your Husband by Devon Williamson

(2m, 5f) This madcap comedy addresses an issue close to every woman's heart – how to train your husband! Sound impossible? Not when you have a legendary Husband Trainer living right next door. The play follows the adventures of three generations of the Smith family as they attempt to turn their men into fully trained members of the opposite sex. Nothing quite goes according to plan and the result is an hilarious comedy with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. 

Comedy Play Script: 'Idle Hands' by Ron Hutson

Idle Hands by Ron Hutson

(3m, 5f) A bored housewife goes out in the evening as her tired husband snoozes in front of the television. It takes a sex-hungry neighbour, a 'home tuition artiste', a burglar and a daughter's accident-prone boyfriend to get their lives back on track, with almost disastrous results.

Comedy Play Script: 'I'll Be There in A Minute Now' by Jack Llewellyn

I'll Be There In A Minute Now by Jack Llewellyn

(4m, 2f) The sequel to 'Whose Coat is that Jacket?', this play aims to further explore the issues of what occurs when ambition is mixed in with tradition. Again we join the Williams family as they suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune. Bleddyn, the baby of the family has moved to London, the first of the Williams ever to leave God's green land, and unbeknown to all he has fallen in love with big city life. Will having a beautiful Welsh girlfriend settled in Cardiff, and a loving family waiting for the prodigal son to return to Trimsaran be enough to stop him opting for the bright lights of London Town?

Comedy Play Script: 'It Must Be Love' by Raymond Hopkins

It Must Be Love by Raymond Hopkins

(6m, 4f) Jason is one week away from marrying Lucinda, his childhood sweetheart. Lucinda’s mother has turned the wedding into her personal crusade. No expense has been spared and a year’s preparation has finally come together. Then Julie, a shop assistant from the local florist, calls in to sort out the final arrangements. It’s love at first sight. The mayhem which follows, as Jason realises he’s marrying the wrong girl, will have consequences for everyone.

Comedy Play: 'Jail Birds' by Colin Barrow

Jail Birds by Colin Barrow

(3m, 7f, 1m/f) The inmates are all of senior age and have committed crimes to be imprisoned, and are thus cared for at the expense of the taxpayer, rather than themselves paying high residential home fees. The prison staff are kept on their toes with the luxury style of living the inmates wish to receive. This comedy play is rather tongue-in-cheek and is a farcical send up with the final minutes delivering unseen surprises before the final curtain.

Comedy Play: 'Joined' by Les Clark

Joined by Les Clarke

(1m, 3f) Multi-award winning play. James having survived a very sad divorce sets up his own ‘odd job’ business. Having delivered flyers, he knocks on doors following them up. James knocks on Kath’s door not knowing that his life is going to change from that day on! ‘Joined’ is a gentle romantic comedy proving that love can come at any age, at any time, and when you least expect it.