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The Mummy

    by Jack Milner



Comedy Play Script: 'The Mummy' by Jack Milner

“The 39 Steps in bandages”... From deepest, darkest, dangerous Egypt, via Torquay… a legendary curse is stirring back into life and we're all going along for an outrageous, terrifying ride as it takes grip…! A respectable legal practitioner, a beautiful dark-eyed Cornish heiress and her father, a 5,000 year-old man seeking an ancient love and the Tomb of the mystical Queen Tera all clash spectacularly in hilarious circumstances!

This delightfully silly show is loosely based on an old Bram Stoker story, ‘The Jewel Of The Seven Stars’. From the start, you know you’re in for a treat as the back story is narrated, accompanied by some hilariously low-tech projections and shadow play. The script is reminiscent of the golden age of radio comedy with its wordplay and double talk, complemented by much on-stage comic business.

It’s a laugh-out-loud romp, and should be played to the hilt as such. There’s a splendidly crazed Egyptologist on a mission, a heroic lawyer with his eye on Lill’s daughter a very funny, bonkers explorer, and the inevitable police involvement from Inspector Doolan.

There is much fun to be had with doubling of roles and dummies especially with the Professor’s daughter doubling as the reincarnated Egyptian princess, vamping it up and camping it up as much as possible. The immortal high priest Sosra is a deliciously evil (and hilarious) creation with an excruciating, but funny, eye-pulling scene.

The sets should be wheeled on and off on trucks by stagehands dressed as workmen, to keep things moving and allowing for some very funny exits and entrances.

‘The Mummy’ is an old-fashioned slice of British silliness, clever and stupid at the same time, a celebration of artifice and theatricality while sending up its own form.


110 mins approx


(3m, 3f)

  Ross – a Barrister, 
  Sosra -  immortal high priest
  Trelawny - (doubles with Priest 2; Brooking; Old Woman; horse)
  Margaret -  (doubles with Tera)
  Doolan - (doubles with Emily; Jibbins; Priest 1; Sandwich Man; horse; bird; Mrs Doolan)
  Corbeck - (doubles with Mrs D-Dawes; Dawes; Margaret 2; Slave Master; Guard; Mandible, a solicitor)


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