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Comedy (T-U)

Comedy Play Script: 'Thank You, Mr Dickens!' by Jane Hilliard

Thank You, Mr Dickens! by Jane Hilliard

(5m, 5f) It's Christmas Eve and the ladies of Ma Frinton's bordello are not looking forward to the festive season. Business is slow and they find themselves with no money, no food, and no gin! The arrival of Charles Dickens appears to offer them some hope - he is about to write a new novel and he is hoping they will provide him with inspiration... which they do, but maybe they are about to embellish the truth 'slightly' as their imaginations are allowed free rein.

Comedy Play: 'The 3B Ranch' by Elizabeth Bromage

The 3B Ranch by Elizabeth Bromage

(4m, 4f or 6m, 4f) Randolph Weisermeiler the Second, known as Randy 2 along with his Daddy, Randy 1, and son, Randy 3, has been looking after holidaymakers for years, so when a new party of singles arrive with "Ye'Ha Tours" to spend a week or so having fun and learning to line dance at a real working ranch in Texas USA, Randy 2 knows their expecting some "rootin' tootin' fun!". The only accidents that usually occur are on the dance floor - with the line dancers colliding, so who's been knocked out by a dead buffalo? What's the horse doing in the swimming pool? Not a doggie-paddle that's for sure! Yeee-Ha!

Comedy Play: 'The Artful Lodger' by Tom Casling

The Artful Lodger by Tom Casling

(2m, 4f) William, and Millicent, his wife and long-suffering partner, are a couple in their late 50s, who are considering taking in students as lodgers. Having settled on a list of six from which to make their decision, Arthur enters unannounced, seeking accommodation. He is like a breath of fresh air into Millicent’s world, but a nightmare for William. Arthur, or Artful as he calls himself, manages to win over Millicent who in turn convinces William that they should take him in. Arthur has however, a secret, and so, as it transpires, has William.

Comedy Play Script: 'The Boobytrap' by Jane Hilliard

The Boobytrap by Jane Hilliard

(3m, 5f) A country cottage is the weekend retreat of Gerald Caunfield, MP, but it's the permanent home of his wife, Debbie. One weekend a young lady visitor comes to stay and threatens to wreak havoc in the Caunfields peaceful idyll. The arrival then of some unwelcome guests adds to the mayhem, where misunderstandings and confusion run riot. One simple set is all that's needed for this light-hearted comedy.

Comedy Play Script: 'The Butler Did It' by Norman Robbins

The Butler Did It by Norman Robbins

(4m, 6f) After the Butlers purchase Little Wolford Hall, they are met with opposition from Councillor Violet Montague who had hoped she would be the new resident of the Hall.  But when an exhibition of high-end diamond jewellery is on the cards, she is only too keen to be invited.  However, things are not that straight forward when grandma’s potent rhubarb wine, a fake diamond necklace, a hapless young policeman, a light-fingered member of the family and an uninvited guest are put into the mix.

Comedy Play: 'The Day Out' by Tom Casling

The Day Out by Tom Casling

(4m, 3f) Today is Sid’s 50th birthday and he is, rather belatedly, having a mid-life crisis. If the truth be known he has been having one for the last few years but reaching the age of fifty has made the experience more marked. His wife, Mary, recognises this and has, for some time, been trying to re-capture the magic of their relationship and the things that had attracted them to each other many years ago. Their children have grown up now and moved away and Mary, believes it is now time to address the issue. 

Comedy Play Script: 'The Essence Of Love' by Philip Ayckbourn

The Essence Of Love by Philp Ayckbourn

(3m, 2f) A mother and her daughter and a father and his son find themselves on neighbouring hotel terraces in Marrakech. When a local street trader sells Diana a powerful love potion it proves to be the catalyst that utterly obliterates their quiet holiday in the sun. A lively comedy-farce that takes a wry look at the madness of infatuation and what remains when passions have run their course.

Comedy Play Script: 'The Inaccurate Conception' by Saunders & Ahsem

The Inaccurate Conception by Geoff Saunders & Richard Ahsem

(min 2m, 4f; max 8m, 12f) A raucous and often slightly surreal celebration of everyone’s first brush with the theatre – the school Nativity play. Seven-year-olds, teachers and parents alike are played by adults in this energetic and warm-hearted comedy concerning a young primary teacher’s efforts – against the odds – to produce just such a play.

Comedy Play Script: 'The Jailhouse Frocks' by Devon Williamson

The Jailhouse Frocks by Devon Williamson

(2m, 3f) Shattering dimwitted Officer Dwayne’s tranquil evening are the arrests of the mayor’s wife, the local mad cat-lady, and a hard-nosed New Yorker. The chaotic situation descends into mayhem with the arrival of a New York gangster, hell-bent on exacting revenge on his wife. By the end of the night, the ladies have formed a gang, sung some songs, and locked the gangster up in their place, leaving Officer Dwayne wondering how he’s managed to make the arrest of a lifetime.

Comedy Play: 'The Last Post' by Challenger & Watts

The Last Post by David Challenger & Adam Watts

(3m, 2f) Harry, a Falklands war veteran in a residential home, is determined to beat the system. With the help of several other ageing residents they use their military training to try and change the home for the better. Like any ‘mission’ there are some snags along the way. Namely Eva who runs the home and just-so-happens to be married to an Argentinian! There is also the handyman Lance, who claims to be American. Will his scams land the latest resident in hot water? Or will the pair simply rub each other up the wrong way? Mishap follows mishap as the plot unfolds. Will Harry succeed? Does the home survive it’s threatened closure? Can Eva and Harry ever make their peace?

Comedy Play Script: 'The Love Nest' by Raymond Hopkins

The Love Nest by Raymond Hopkins

(3m, 7f) In an effort to revive their flagging marriage, David and Janet Thomson have booked a holiday in the guest house where they spent their honeymoon, thirty-two years ago. How romantic - what could possibly go wrong? The mother-in-law joins them, and upsets everyone. David is pursued by an overzealous waitress, a frustrated newly-wed and an admirer from the past. Only Tyson, a friendly mouse, can save the situation!

Comedy Play: 'The Mummy' by Jack Milner

The Mummy by Jack Milner

(3m, 2f) “The 39 Steps in bandages”… From deepest, darkest, dangerous Egypt, via Torquay… a legendary curse is stirring back into life and we're all going along for an outrageous, terrifying ride as it takes grip…! A respectable legal practitioner, a beautiful dark-eyed Cornish heiress and her father, a 5,000 year-old man seeking an ancient love and the Tomb of the mystical Queen Tera all clash spectacularly in hilarious circumstances!

Comedy Play: 'The Offending Biscuit' by Roger Manktelow

The Offending Biscuit by Roger Manktelow

(3m, 3f) Gerald Bottomly truly believes that 'The Diamond' is the worst biscuit in the world. This is mainly because it has caused the downfall of his mighty biscuit empire, which is now in danger of being taken over by the 'Other Biscuit Company'. They plan to stop production of all Gerald's biscuits. The day of foreclosure is rapidly approaching - a disaster for Lipton, an alien from the planet Rich Tea, a planet that is desperate for Diamond biscuits, as its very existence depends on them.

Comedy Play Script: 'The Old People Are Revolting' by Devon Williamson

The Old People Are Revolting by Devon Williamson

(2m, 5f) An hilarious comedy about senior citizens seeking revenge! The residents of the Sunshine Retirement Village have had enough: they're revolting! Fed up with being ignored, and relegated to the sidelines of life they've decided to prove to the world just how dangerous seniors can be! Bursting with eccentric characters and crazy shenanigans the play is great fun to stage and a huge audience-pleaser. 

Comedy Play Script: 'The Pink Pearl' by Bruno Lacroix

The Pink Pearl by Bruno Lacroix

(3m, 2f) Imagine a restaurant that’s not yet properly open for business, where the only customer is an international food critic, where the decor is added to every 30 minutes, where the tee-total barman serves drinks way too strong, where the elderly lady tenant of the flat over the shop is pressed into helping, and where the owner desperately wants to win a coveted culinary award. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, and in this farcical comedy, the disaster pays off when the meat-based dish that’s mistakenly eaten by the vegetarian critic turns out to be a winner!

Comedy Play Script: 'The Scent Of Danger' by Michael Park

The Scent Of Danger by Michael Park

(4m, 4f) Barry Bigley has set up as a private detective and the last things he needs, besides a lack of clients, are constant interference from a mother obsessed with cleaning, a father eager to appear on TV quiz shows, a clingy fiancée and a threatening landlord. When the daughter of a rich diamond merchant is kidnapped, it should be his chance to overcome all obstacles and find success. Of course, it would help if he had the faintest idea of how a private detective goes about his business.

Comedy Play Script: 'The Supermarket Sisterhood' by Devon Williamson

The Supermarket Sisterhood by Devon Williamson

(2m, 5f plus customer extras) All is not well at 'Discount Co'. The suburban supermarket has seen better days and, ominously, the long-time owner has just sold out to a bean-counting accountant who decides to install automatic self-service tills. The employees are divided over what this all means for the supermarket, but in a desperate bid to save their threatened jobs, the checkout operators join forces and begin a guerrilla war.  Hilarious, topical and thought-provoking The Supermarket Sisterhood is a comic hit.

Comedy Play Script: 'The Wedding Of The Century' by Devon Williamson

The Wedding Of The Century by Devon Williamson

(2m, 7f) Welcome to the ‘Rest In Peace’ Rest Home. Sister Dorothy, the 99-year-old resident nun has declared that she is going to get married on her 100th birthday next week. The rest home is thrown into disarray as the residents and staff attempt to work out who the mysterious groom will be. The answer lies in Sister Dorothy’s cherished memories of Aditya, the handsome young chai wallah (tea seller) she met in India in 1938.  Madcap antics, sparkling comedy, and a surprising and utterly romantic twist at the end.

Comedy Play Script: 'The Village Hall' by John Bartlett

The Village Hall by John Bartlett

(9m, 8f) Four 30 min linked one-act plays (or play 2, 3 or 4 in combination)
That hallowed institution - the Village Hall, scene of unparalleled local country dramas is the setting for these four comedy plays. Each play stands up in its own right, but the quartet could be played together in many combinations. Each play features one or two main characters and their particular use of the Hall, a Jumble Sale, the Amateur Dramatics group, the scout's Gang Show and the Wedding Reception.

Comedy Play: 'There Must Be An Angel' by Colin Barrow

There Must Be An Angel by Colin Barrow

(2m, 4f) Newly ordained vicar Andrew Hewitt claims to have seen the ghost of the ex-military Tracey Hunt, a past love of his, who was killed in action, in the Memorial Chapel. On another evening in the church he meets Karen who is divorced and homeless, and Andrew gives Karen shelter, which upsets his current girlfriend, Abi.  The week has its ups and downs when Andrew and Abi finish their relationship. But does Karen replace Abi or does the memory of Tracey hold him back?

Comedy Play Script: 'Tie Break' by Nick Broadhead

Tie Break by Nick Broadhead

(4m, 4f, 1m/f) When 94 year old Vincent arrives at Clive and Ann's house arm in arm with 21 year old Melanie, and it's announced they are engaged, everybody suspects of her of being a gold-digger. After she leaves, they discuss theories as to how she could 'bump the old codger off' without getting caught. Later, a policeman arrives to quiz them on the sudden demise of Vincent.. Is he all that he seems though? What does he say when the real Vincent arrives?

Comedy Play : 'Timeshare' by Philip Ayckbourn

Timeshare by Philip Ayckbourn

(3m, 4f or 2m, 3f with doubling) Set in the present day, thirty years in the past, and thirty years in the future. Eddie and Paula arrive at their timeshare property to discuss the future of their precarious marriage. Due to an electrical accident, a fissure in the time-space continuum results in Eddie and Paula coming face to face with their younger selves. The possibility of a whole new past stretches out before them. A comedy about love, marriage and the chance to do it all again... but better.

Comedy Play Script: 'Tinsel' by Deborah Amor

Tinsel by Deborah Amor

(9m, 12f) 'Tinsel' is a large cast show with lots of lovely cameo parts and is set in the struggling Pebbledon Theatre. Here, the Pebbledon Reps are rehearsing their Christmas show, putting up with cheap costumes and tatty scenery. The theatre’s owner has died, leaving his long-lost daughter as sole beneficiary, but she cannot be traced. Instead, his great-great-niece, Stacey Starchy, could inherit. Her plans though, threaten the very fabric of the theatre itself.

Comedy Play : 'Tipp, The Taxi Driver' by Tom Casling

Tipp, The Taxi Driver by Tom Casling

(3m, 2f) Tipp is married to Margaret.  He is, by profession, a taxi driver although these days he drives reluctantly, choosing only the jobs he wants to.  He spends his days in his armchair watching quiz shows and re-living the day he almost won through to the finals of ‘Mastermind’. Then one evening he gets a call that intrigues him: to take a passenger to the Tyne Tees Television Studios. The young girl has been selected to be in ‘The Big Market’ a new TV Soap based in the North East.

Comedy Play Script: 'Twas The Fight Before Christmas' by Devon Williamson

Twas The Fight Before Christmas by Devon Williams

(2m, 4f) Think your family is complicated? Meet the most dysfunctional family you can imagine as they try to navigate Christmas. Peace on earth and good will to all men? Not likely! Ever since her husband died, Mary’s horrible adult children have been ruining Christmas. This year, with the help of a suicidal French psychiatrist, Mary is determined to take Christmas back. An hilarious and uplifting Christmas comedy. 

Comedy Play Script: 'Understanding Women' by Devon Williamson

Understanding Women by Devon Williamson

(3m, 1f) Mike, Dave and Julian spend a weekend in a garden shed determined to break an age-old mystery. Armed with a case of beer, a box of girlie magazines and a holy book they are going to 'understand women'. What they discover is not quite what they expected. 'Understanding Women' is a comedy play for both sexes!