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Twas The Fight Before Christmas

    by Devon Williamson


We licence productions of this title in UK, Ireland & Europe only.
For other areas please contact Devon Williamson

Comedy Play Script: 'Twas The Fight Before Christmas' by Devon WilliamsonSynopsis

Think your family is complicated? Meet the most dysfunctional family you can imagine as they try to navigate Christmas. Peace on earth and good will to all men? Not likely! Ever since her husband died, Mary’s horrible adult children have been ruining Christmas. This year, Mary is determined to take Christmas back. 

The play is a comedic tale filled with clever dialogue and hilarious characters that will leave your audience giggling, sniggering and chortling out loud throughout.

It follows long-suffering mother Mary Harvey who attempts to reclaim Christmas – and her own life – back from her fantastically wicked daughters, Stella and Mandy.

Throw into the mix Jean Pierre, a suicidal French psychologist; Ivy, a paranoid frying-pan wearing neighbour, and Desmond, Mary's love-able but walking doormat of a son-in-law, and you've got the perfect recipe for a hilarious disaster that will leaving you wanting more.

An hilarious and uplifting Christmas comedy. 


110 mins approx


(2m, 4f)

  • Mary Harvey - 56, gentle, easily dominated, has recently lost her husband who kept the peace between her and her daughters, Stella and Amanda
  • Jean Pierre -  40/60s, a burnt-out French psychologist, neighbour to Mary, still has a French accent
  • Stella Harvey - mid-30s, a selfish, manipulative and domineering woman who takes advantage of others
  • Amanda Harvey - early 30s, dippy, manipulative, childish, in love with Desmond, her sisters partner
  • Ivy - 50s/60s, a conspiracy theorist, quite possibly, and most likely, stark raving mad


We licence productions of this title in UK, Ireland & Europe only.
For other areas please contact Devon Williamson

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