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Daughters Of Eve

    by Tom Casling


Comedy Play Script: 'Daughters Of Eve' by Tom Casling

Six women meet once a year at a remote cottage. Five of them went to school together and are now in their 50's. The sixth is the daughter of one of the school friends who has now passed away. As the play develops it begins to be clear that nowadays they meet often out of guilt and habit, rather than for enjoyment. One of them is their strength, their rock, but the other five are in different states of turmoil.

The six friends are a strange mixture of backgrounds and experiences, On the surface Ginny is a confident, peace-making, ‘leader’ of the group, but proves to be a woman on the edge and in need of all the support she herself so freely handed out to her friends.

Sandra is a nun who has issues with her faith and sexuality and uses the weekend as a retreat to try and work out her feelings. Tess is a somewhat belligerent trouble-maker whose facade covers the secret she needs to share with the rest of the group.

Pauline is the happy go lucky (if somewhat flirty in the past) individual, who turns out to be the rock on which the group leans on for support, and Liz, who is in an emotionally abusive relationship, and is so fragile that she attempts to take her own life.

Youngest of them all, Beckie, is not a natural member of the group. She is the daughter of one of the school friends and is there by proxy instead of her late mother.

The self-imposed weekend exile turns into a near disaster as they are cut off because of a freak storm, and to add to the dilemma one member of the group attempts suicide, another reveals a tragic secret, another is struggling with a crisis of sexuality and Beckie’s baby decides to arrive unexpectedly. The play was written for an all female cast but males can be used for the paramedics if required.


(6f, 2m/f)

  • Ginny - 50's, a retired teacher, married to John
  • Sandra - 45-50, religious sister
  • Theresa - 45-50, a feminist, activist, lecturer
  • Lizzie - a model and IT girl
  • Pauline - 45-50, full time housewife, mother of two
  • Beckie - 30's mum to be
  • 2 x paramedics (m/f)

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