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Splits In The Skin

    by Ron Nicol


Drama Play Script: 'Splits In The Skin' by Ron NicolThe Dunstans meet for a rare family reunion at the request of their father, now aged 80. When Fay and Carrie arrive, Hester tells them that Father is in bed upstairs. With him safely out of the way, the three sisters take the opportunity to look back on their unhappy childhood. They remember their father’s domineering nature, reminisce about their turbulent schooldays, play their favourite word games and recall the special ‘Three Sisters’ relationship that helped them survive at school and endure their strict upbringing at home.

When their brother Giles and his wife Roberta arrive separately, Father still hasn’t come downstairs. There’s instant tension. Giles breaks down as a result of Fay’s baiting about his constant striving to please Father, Roberta makes an early and stormy exit, and the family’s best-kept secrets are gradually revealed. Carrie is pregnant, Fay is having an affair with her neighbour Ellen, and Giles’ marriage has broken down. Father still hasn’t made an appearance – and Hester eventually reveals that he’d died that morning.

The news is received with suspicion, and the afternoon is fraught with accusations, arguments, regrets and recriminations until the murderer eventually confesses. However, Fay’s ironic prediction that Father is quite capable of rising from his deathbed and seeking revenge seems about to come true…


(2m, 4f)
  • Fay - the oldest sister
  • Hester - the middle sister
  • Carrie - the youngest sister
  • Giles - their younger brother
  • Roberta - his wife
  • Father

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