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Thriller Drama Script: 'A Quiet Life' by Stephen Bean

A Quiet Life

(1m, 3f) apx 40 mins Festival Winner
Ten thousand pounds in grant money has been stolen from the Village Hall committee and although Fred Jackson is a retired policeman, his instincts are still razor-sharp. It's unlikely to be Allison, the recently arrived newcomer to the village, but has Joan, the treasurer, dipped her fingers in the till, or does Audrey, the 'local girl made good' and now Chair of the Committee know more than she's letting on?
Thriller Drama Script: 'Fate's Thread' by Stephen Bean

Fate's Thread

(1m, 4f) apx 40 mins Festival Winner
Susan suffers a fatal accident caused by her husband, Jack. She meets Alice and Harriet in the graveyard who, also being dead, have to persuade Susan to reconcile herself to the fact that she has been been murdered. Can they do this, or will Susan be forced to spend the rest of eternity in the Sea Of Lost Souls? Fates Thread is a ghost story. It's a murder mystery, and a light comedy. It's a race against time to save a soul.