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Young Cast Plays

We have a range of plays for young actors aged approximately between 10 and 16 that are challenging, informative and interesting. Above this age, young people often prefer to appear in titles from our general catalogue.

We don't believe in offering you plays for children that are simplistic and anodyne.
Our view is that your students should be challenged and entertained, hopefully giving them an enduring interest in the performing arts.


Getting The Breaks by Derek Webb

(3m, 3f, with 1 voice)
This is a one act youth play about growing up, the change that young people have to face and how they cope with them. Simply staged, the cast are all teenagers with the exception of Miss Priestley who should be early 20s.  There is also one pre-recorded voice. 

Kilmainham Kids

(3m adult, 3m, 3f juniors) 50 mins approx
The play is set in Dublin’s Kilmainham Gaol, in the 1850s. Six children (ages 10-16) have been imprisoned for nothing worse than trying to stay alive by stealing bread and clothes. One of them has a grievance about another, and demands ‘a trial’. Enter Con Colbert, 1916 uprising rebel, sentenced to be shot. He spends his last moments with the children and affects them all. After his execution, the neat 'time-twist' is revealed that links the two events.


Ragtime Band

(2m, 2f, 2m/f)
A group of people is trying to exist on the Earth after a non-nuclear holocaust. Their memories and sense of humour help to sustain them, through what is probably the end of civilisation. 'Ragtime Band' can be used as the start of an ecological awareness campaign, or as reinforcement of the issues within existing studies. It has a clear message, starkly portraying a bleak, but not quite hopeless existence, written in an understandable and enjoyable way.


The Hard Yards

(8/9m, 7f, 0/2m/f) Large Cast
Danny is a bright, high achiever and appears to be on track for a successful academic career, but he has to juggle with exam stress, dealing with parents, keeping fit, coming to terms with his own sexuality and getting to know the opposite sex. His strong admiration for Helen changes his life forever when she experiences a profound trauma and, deeply concerned, Danny abandons all conformity. There are two versions : one, has extracts from Shakespeare; the other has no Shakespeare and uses two characters (’Black’ & ‘White’) to symbolise the struggle between good and evil.


The Revolutionaries

(18m, 6f) Large Cast
An important moment of history is highlighted in ‘The Revolutionaries’. The theme of the play is the fight for power around the time of Lenin's death and takes place in the aftermath of the 1917 Russian Revolution. Lenin knew he was dying and was concerned about who might be his successor. He favoured Trotsky, but as history tells, Stalin was very much in the way.


The Story Of Kylie And Rick

(1m, 1f principals, 24 m/f support) Large Cast
Two errant teenagers come to grief after stealing a car with a baby inside. A large cast, no set, play for teenagers that explores the contemporary issues surrounding shoplifting, car theft, breaking and entering etc amongst youngsters with deprived backgrounds.


Where You Going, Bobby Fortner?

(7m, 4f)
Bobby, living in a small American town, discovers that illegal dumping of toxic chemicals is taking place in the local river, but nobody in the town seems to be interested - not even the Sheriff. In passing, he mentions it to his doctor who agrees to help Bobby find the culprits as the town's water supply is at risk. This play for young adults raises topics of the environment, collusion, teenage relationships and trust.