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The Pirates Of Penzance

by Gilbert and Sullivan. Adapted by Essgee Entertainments Pty

Musical Comedy: 'The Pirates Of Penzance' (Essgee's Australian Version)
""An absolute hoot from beginning to end. It is pantomime, it is burlesque, it is camp, and above all, it's a tonic"
D A Cole on Amazon UK

Please Note : This musical is only available from us to customers in UK and Europe.
If you are outside this area, please go to David Spicer Productions

Also : For contractual reasons we do not sell the DVD of the 1994 Australian Production
which is screened regularly on the UK Sky Arts TV channel.
These can be obtained easily from Essgee Entertainment

Musical Comedy: 'The Pirates Of Penzance' (Essgee's Australian Version)To many people the story told in 'The Pirates Of Penzance' really needs no long-winded explanation (but if you need the synopsis please click here). 'Pirates' is one of the best G&S operettas and is performed thousands of times a year in the original version and, that being out of copyright, in versions modified individually by the group performing it.

There are also two commercial versions which are copyrighted - the 'Broadway' version made famous by producer Joseph Papp in the 1980's (and which formed the basis of the film released around that time featuring Kevin Kline), and this one, the high-energy Australian version.

Gilbert and Sullivan wrote the most popular operettas in the history of English theatre. They are probably even more famous than Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and certainly as English as bacon and eggs, or roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Indeed, their fame is so great, it rests as securely on their initials as on their names. To anyone who loves musical theatre, 'G&S' means old-fashioned melody, irreverence, wit and fun.

But now, Essgee Entertainment has thoroughly updated three of these Victorian operetta (HMS Pinafore, The Mikado and The Pirates Of Penzance) allowing today's theatregoer a fresh look at these classics. Almost all the original songs and tunes are included though and despite the 'pop feel' of many of the chorus numbers the most beautiful solos are untouched. The end product is true to the spirit of Gilbert and Sullivan, but much more accessible for today’s audiences.

This is pure musical theatre with some pantomime elements ...
... it is NOT an operetta for the G&S purist!

Simon Gallaher's Essgee Entertainment has brought Gilbert and Sullivan into the twenty-first century through modern orchestrations, tighter funnier scripts, a fabulous 'megamix' finale, and the unique funky female chorus in three part harmony.

Musical Comedy: 'The Pirates Of Penzance' (Essgee's Australian Version)
Musical Comedy: 'The Pirates Of Penzance' (Essgee's Australian Version)
Musical Comedy: 'The Pirates Of Penzance' (Essgee's Australian Version)


Principals (5m, 5f)
  The Pirate King -
  Samuel - his Lieutenant
  Frederic -
  Ruth - a Pirate Maid
  Major-General Stanley -
  Mabel - one of the Major-General's Daughters
  Edith, Kate, Isabel - three more of the Major-General's Daughters
  The Sergeant -
  Chorus of : Pirates (male); Policemen (or Policewomen), and (if required) more daughters/nannies/nurses of the Major-General


  1) Gilbert & Sullivan Opening Company
  2) Pour, O Pour the Pirate Sherry Pirate King, Samuel, Frederic & Pirates
  3) When Frederic Was a Little Lad Ruth
  4) Oh, Better Far to Live and Die Pirate King & Pirates
  5) Oh, False One, You have Deceived Me! Ruth & Frederic
  6) Climbing Over Rocky Mountain The Daughters
  7) Stop, Ladies, Pray! Frederic & Daughters
  8) Oh, Is there Not One Maiden Breast Frederic & Daughters
  9) Poor Wandering One Mabel & Daughters
10) What Ought We to Do? The Daughters
11) How Beautifully Blue the Sky Mabel, Frederic & Daughters
12) Stay, We Must Not Lose Our Senses Frederic, Daughters & Pirates
13) Hold, Monsters! Mabel, Samuel, Major-General, Daughters & Pirates
14) A Modern Major-General * Pirate King, Major-General & Ensemble
15) Oh, Men of Dark and Dismal Fate Company
~~ Interval ~~  
16) Oh, Dry the Glistening Tear Mabel & Daughters
17) Then Frederic Major-General & Frederic
18) When the Foeman Bares his Steel Sergeant, Mabel, Police & Daughters
19) Now for the Pirates' Lair! Frederic, Pirate King & Ruth
20) When You had Left our Pirate Fold Ruth, Frederic & Pirate King
21) Duty, Duty *# Frederic, Ruth & Pirate King
22) Away, Away! My Heart's on Fire Ruth, Pirate King & Frederic
23) All is Prepared Mabel & Frederic
24) Stay, Frederic, Stay! Mabel & Frederic
25) No, I Am Brave Mabel, Sergeant & Police
26) When a Felon's Not Engaged in his Employment   Sergeant & Police
27) A Rollicking Band of Pirates We Pirates, Sergeant & Police
28) With Cat-Like Tread Pirates, Police & Samuel
29) Hush, Hush ! Not a Word Frederic, Pirates, Police & Major-General
30) Sighing Softly to the River Major-General & Ensemble
31) Megamix Finale Company
* additional lyrics by Melvyn Morrow
# 'Duty, Duty' adapted from 'You Understand. I Think I Do' from Ruddigore

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Please Note : This musical is only available from us to customers in UK and Europe.
If you are outside this area, please go to David Spicer Productions

Also : For contractual reasons we do not sell the DVD of the 1994 Australian Production
which is screened regularly on the UK Sky Arts TV channel.
These can be obtained easily from Essgee Entertainment

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