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Playing Away

    by Janet Shaw

"The Hampton Amateur Theatre Society had great fun performing 'Playing Away' and we received a fantastic review both from our NODA Rep and from our special invited guest, the Mayor of Peterborough. The audience said it was our best production yet!"

Giselle Rawlins, HATS Secretary & Publicity Manager


Black Comedy Play Script: 'Playing Away' by Janet ShawIt's darts time again at the Frog and Duck in downtown Barnsley (or wherever). The girls' team have made the final again and the lads, well the lads are struggling. The excitement of the competition is overshadowed when a routine medical examination jeopardises the rock-solid marriage of landlord Alan and his wife Kath.

Kath is pregnant, but Alan has had a vasectomy. Could it be that someone at the pub other than the darts team has been playing away?

On the lads team, it's honesty time for Gary, when he has to face the truth about himself, and it's crunch time for compulsive liar Danny, when he meets his match in socialite Tara Smythe-Hamilton. Meanwhile on the girls team, Dawn realises that years of unrequited love are finally over.

Throw in an interfering mother-in-law for Alan, an unintelligible Irish man and the town's worst dieters and you have the recipe for a night of hilarity fused together with just the right amount of pathos.


(5m, 8f)

Danny - 18-30 years old, a local at the pub
Alan - mid 40's, landlord of the Frog And Duck
Kath - 39, Alan's wife
Claire - 18-30 years old, a local at the pub
Dawn - 18-30 years old, a local at the pub
Gary - 18-30 years old, a local at the pub
Simon - 18-30 years old, a local at the pub
Sarah - 17-18 years old, the daughter of Alan and Kath
Joyce - 30-50 years old, a barmaid
Velma - 30-50 years old, a barmaid
Gwen - 60-65 years old, a snob, knows her own mind, doesn't suffer fools gladly
Seamus - 40-50 years old, Irishman, a local at the pub, admires Velma
Tara - Danny's posh new girlfriend. Mid 20's, a 'sloane ranger'

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