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Altered Egos

    by Nick Broadhead


Comedy Play Script: 'Altered Egos' by Nick BroadheadDelia and Bernard, a middle-aged married couple, have finished their game of bridge with a couple of friends and are ready to go to bed. Delia has some sharp words with Bernard, which he hears meekly, however, the other middle-aged man in the room makes some equally sharp retorts, which Delia does not hear. It is clear that she is not able to see the man, Bernard’s alter ego, an imaginary character he has employed over the years to say to Delia the things he doesn’t want to say to her face.

As the evening progresses, Bernard begins to worry that his alter ego is developing an uncontrolled life of his own and tries to 'fire' him. His attempts are ineffective and cause a major row between him and Delia, who hears Bernard talking to his man, and misinterprets what is being said.

The situation worsens as a mysterious woman appears, explaining that she is Delia’s alter ego. Bernard is delighted that his subterfuge is not unique to him, but rather less happy that the two alter egos seem to be hitting it off better than him and Delia.

To add to the confusion, before the situation is resolved by Delia and Bernard, two other characters appear, who reveal themselves to be Delia’s long-deceased mother and father, who are well-known to Delia’s alter ego, but not anyone else present.

Being protective parents, they have seen the slippery road that Delia and Bernard have started to travel down, and have arranged to partially materialise to see if their heads can be knocked together before it's too late.

The initial plot development regarding the appearance of first, the Man, then the Woman, and then Delia's slightly ghostly parents, creates a fascinating and funny complexity for the audience to grapple with. Adding in characters that are invisible to some, but not all of those on stage, adds beautifully to the confusion.


(4m, 3f)

  •   Bernard - 40s/50s, Delia’s husband
  •   Man - similar age to Bernard
  •   Delia - 40s/50s
  •   Woman - similar age to Delia
  •   Dennis - any age, Delia’s father
  •   Beatrice - any age, Delia’s mother
  •   George - any age

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