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A Hit And Miss Christmas

    by Emma Wood


Comedy Play Script: 'A Hit And Miss Christmas' by Emma Wood

Scene One: Carol, new artistic director, chairs a meeting at which a few directors have been invited to make proposals for the Christmas show. Charles proposes 'A Christmas Carol'. Tom and Ash suggest group-devised modern pieces involving the community. Carol leans towards something new; Charles exits in a huff, seeing traditions being torn down.

Scene Two: Jax is brought in from the big city by Carol to weave together some of the contrasting ideas presented in a workshop. Charles is suspicious, but as Jax challenges the group as creatives during the workshop he opens up to the process. Walter, the President, enters silently and is disgusted, fires Carol and says they’ll be staging 'A Christmas Carol'.

Scene Three: At the pub. Walter tries to bring Charles back to his side by badmouthing Carol and Jax. Ash and Tom plan a new company, and Tom gets so carried away he kisses her on the dance floor, not realising she is Jax’ partner. Dawn drinks merrily. Carol enters to try to bring Walter back onside but he is unimpressed.

Scene Four: Walter directs Charles as Scrooge and Tom as nephew in a subdued rehearsal. Carol is demoted to prompt, and cheerfully undermines the rehearsal. Enter Jax brandishing a big city broadsheet in which the theatre company for welcoming new blood. Walter is furious. Tom declares he’ll join the new wave. Charles is torn, but follows.

Scene Five: Jax leads a workshop with all except Walter, encouraging to open up to new ways of sharing in true community spirit in this year’s Christmas show. They share some stories and vulnerabilities, and decide to produce a show that involves the audience in exploring the true spirit of Christmas.

Scene Six: The play is staged. During the play, which has a small (and flexible) amount of audience participation, a quirky tribute to 'A Christmas Carol' is presented. Walter takes the stage ominously but ends up congratulating the actors on their show. He invites Carol to stay at the helm of Hit and Miss Theatre. They all toast Christmas and the experience they’ve had.


(3m, 4f)

  • Charles -60s, 
  • Tom - 20s
  • Ash - 20s
  • Carol - 50s
  • Dawn - 70s
  • Jax - 30s/40s
  • Walter - 60s/70s

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