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Coincidences Will Happen

    by Colin Barrow

Comedy Play Script: 'Coincidences Will Happen' by Colin Barrow

The opening of this comedy play begins with Emma and her parents, Joyce and Peter arriving back from the wake after John’s funeral, Emma’s late husband. They are joined by her brother Gary and two best friends Carol and Sue.

Joyce is very disapproving of the funeral and its service and makes no bones about speaking her thoughts about it. Emma soon realises that she’d have sooner returned back to the house alone. It’s not long before Patrick the Vicar appears. Joyce and the Vicar go into battle over the funeral service.

The story soon develops over the duration of months with intrigue, by suggestion, of John’s suspected infidelity and a new and budding romance between Emma and Patrick.

Emma discovers that she has two sets of jewellery missing, both comprising of a necklace and earrings. Having searched the house from top to bottom, it’s a mystery as to what has happened to them. In the meantime, Gary who already has eleven children by three women has moved onto pastures new, but who is this mystery lady?

The final scene, the following February, is supposed to celebrate Emma’s birthday, but before the party starts, the twists and revelations bring it to an abrupt argumentative end!


(3m, 4f)

  • Joyce - 60+, Emma’s mum (f)
  • Peter - 60+, Emma’s dad (m)
  • Emma - 30+, daughter of Joyce and Peter (f)
  • Gary - 30+, son of Joyce and Peter (m)
  • Sue - 30s, friend of Emma (f)
  • Carol - 30s, friend of Emma (f)
  • Patrick - 30s, vicar (m)

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