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A Wisp Of Scotch Mist

    by Michael Park


Comedy Play Script: 'A Wisp Of Scotch Mist' by Michael Park

Although this is the hilarious sequel to ‘A Hint of Old World Charm’, it is complete in itself. Some of the original characters decide to get away from it all by going on holiday to a small hotel on the shores of Loch Ness.

Their troubles start before they even set off, with Alison and Brian having to take with them their bolshy teenage niece, Janice, and Alison’s parents getting completely the wrong travel date. Eventually, Alison, Brian and Janice arrive on site only to find that pushy neighbour, Miss Gamble, has angled her way in, causing havoc with the room bookings.

The hotel owner, Mrs McKay, tries her best, but she is having problems of her own with a lack of regular trade and a developer who wants to buy and demolish the building. Her daughter, Dawn’s boyfriend has a plan to attract tourists by building a machine which proves that monster Nessie does indeed exist, but Mrs McKay, in cahoots with cleaner, Lizzie, has also arranged for the hotel’s one permanent resident to appear intermittently, clad in a sheet, as the resident ‘ghost’ of Castle Bannock.

Janice is finding the remote location and lack of menfolk a trial, and a misunderstanding between her, Peter and Miss Gamble causes much friction with Dawn. Also among the guests is a very suspicious ‘war hero’, Major Holland-Fyffe, who seems to have an agenda of his own which also threatens Mrs McKay’s peace of mind. When Alison’s parents finally make it to the hotel at dead of night, further mix-ups and mistaken identities only add to the fun as the Major turns out to be in cahoots with the dodgy developer and Lizzie is also not as law-abiding as she seems.

Occasional build-ups of farce punctuate a comedy which has found favour with college groups here and abroad, as well as larger amateur drama companies. There are also challenges for the set-builders as the finale includes an appearance by a ‘real’ ghost, though, thankfully, Nessie declines to put in an appearance.


(4m, 8f)

  • Brian Mayberry - 30's, easy-going, hen-pecked
  • Alison Mayberry - 30's, Brian's wife, independent, no-nonsense
  • Janice Wirral - late teens, their niece, confident, street-wise
  • Martha Granger - 60's, Alison’s mother, kindly, unflappable
  • Seth Granger - 50s/60s, Martha's husband, amiable, friendly
  • Mrs McKay - middle aged, hotel owner, Scottish, eager to please
  • Dawn -teenager, Mrs Mckay's daughter, attractive, but naive
  • Lizzie Fenton - middle aged, a hotel cleaner, cheery, likes a drink
  • Peter Dawson - Dawn’s boyfriend, a student, earnest, educated
  • Major Holland-Fyffe - middle aged, a guest, affable, boastful
  • Emily Gambl - middle aged, flamboyant, active
  • Nellie Fenton - middle aged, Lizzie’s sister, scatter-brained
  • Policeman minor role

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