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How To Relax In Amsterdam

    by John Waterhouse

"A side-splitting comedy to have you laughing all night long!"

"Laughter echoed through the audience as 'How To Relax In Amsterdam' brought cleverly crafted farce to the stage."

Jenny Dutton, Salford Online, May 2013 


Comedy Play Script: 'How To Relax In Amsterdam' by John Waterhouse

Peter has arrived in Amsterdam to spend some time with Saskia who he met whilst travelling in Spain. Enjoying his new found freedom after being made redundant, he has been looking forward to a relaxing stay when Peter sees himself on TV committing a bank robbery, then discovers he has lost his passport which has been found on the scene and is being used to frame him.

Peter is alone in the flat, deciding what to do when Dagarada, who occupies a flat on the same floor, calls round and immediately recognises him from the TV images. Dagarada is a clinical psychologist with a fascination about the criminal mind and promises not to turn Peter if he will help in her research.

When Peter becomes less than fully co-operative, Dagarada reveals she is also an expert in martial arts and can be very persuasive using both force and feminine whiles. Feeling trapped, Peter appeals to Saskia’s friend Bert, an aging hippy, who succeeds in equipping him with a disguise before passing out after drinking too much alcohol. Saskia returns with Henk, her new boyfriend who has recently joined the police force and is looking to make a name for himself.

After passing himself off as an ageing-hippy who has come over from America, Peter thinks he has bought himself some time but then Dagarada returns and his world becomes ever more complicated as he finds himself increasingly attracted to her.

Peter meets Truus, a neo-punk feminist, and who possibly has a handle on who might have staged the robbery to frame Peter, but she turns out to be too pre-occupied with problems over her temperamental Irish boyfriend who runs a local bar.

Bert has another plan to help Peter but Henk is getting suspicious of the ‘American hippy’ who has suddenly appeared and is out to trap him. As Peter tries to think of ways to clear his name whilst continuing to get involved with Dagarada, his world becomes ever more complicated as it transpires that the Bert knows a lot more than he has been letting on. 


(3m, 3f)

  • Saskia - early 30s, bright, friendly young woman
  • Peter - late 40s, intelligent but unassuming Englishman
  • Truus - late 20s, bohemian and a feminist neo-punk
  • Bert - early 60s, worldly-wise hippy with his fingers in a few pies
  • Dagarada - 30s, journalist, living in the same block of flats
  • Henk - 30s, policeman and friend of Saskia, living nearby

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