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Fairway To Heaven


    by Diana Raffle

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Comedy Play Script: 'Fairway To Heaven' by Diana Raffle

Lady Fotheringham is trying to throw a party for her rather elderly friends in her stately home. Cheryl (her daughter) and Trevor Slater-Rees (Cheryl’s husband) both have important business to conduct at the same time. Trevor's marriage is in a mess and so is his job. If he doesn't sell one big property before the end of the month, he'll face the sack. However, thanks to his friend Bob things are looking up. They have managed to get invited to a party that could just provide Trevor with a buyer, but the catch is that it's a ‘Vicars & Tarts’ party.

Unfortunately, before leaving, Trevor accidentally smashes a priceless artifact that his wife is valuing as part of her job for the local museum. Desperate to cover their tracks Trevor and Bob decide to break into the house after their party and fake a burglary, thus sorting out the problem of the smashed vase. However, what they don't know is that not only is Trevor's mother-in-law holding a murder mystery evening complete with a policewoman kiss-o-gram, but in addition some real burglars have turned up!

This hilarious farce has audiences laughing out loud as Trevor and his friend Bob lurch from dilemma to disaster and dead bodies start piling up. With an intellectually challenged gardener's daughter, several ‘interesting’ costume changes and Bob’s Mediterranean wife Maria's fiery temperament added into the mix, the chaos continues. This fast-paced farcical comedy promises silly twists and turns… with innuendo a-plenty. Another brilliant fast-paced comedy from the writer of  ‘Round The Houses’.


(3m, 5f, 2m/f)

Principals (2m, 4f)

  • Lady Jemima Fotheringham - 70's
  • Cheryl Slater-Rees - 30-50's
  • Trevor Slater-Rees - 30-50's
  • Bob Todd - 30-50's
  • Maria Todd - 30-50's
  • Euphemia Crump - 20-40's

Support (1m, 1f, 2m/f)

  • Albert Hammond - 70's
  • Grace Goodall - 70's, elderly, jolly a bit deaf
  • Two non-speaking burglars in balaclavas (could be doubled parts)

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions

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