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It Must Be Love

    by Raymond Hopkins

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Comedy Play Script: 'It Must Be Love' by Raymond Hopkins

Jason Taylor, a quiet unassuming person, is one week away from marrying Lucinda, his childhood sweetheart. The overzealous bride’s mother, Stella Parsons, has turned the wedding into a personal crusade. No expense has been spared and a year’s preparations have all come together to make it the event of the decade. Lucinda, who has always been dominated by her mother, has gone along with the lavish arrangements. As the wedding looms ever closer, everything is on track. That is until Julie, a girl from the local florists, calls at the Taylors’ to make some final arrangements. By a twist of fate, Jason is at home alone. It is love at first sight, their earth-shattering meeting sparks a magical chemistry which makes the two of them realise they were made for each other.

Having now discovered his soulmate, Jason is at his wits’ end; he is just about to marry someone he cares for but is not in love with. Jason contacts his best mate, Chris, who calls round and offers words of wisdom which are of no use at all. Lucinda also calls in to discuss the final wedding arrangements. Two video men arrive to go through the filming of the wedding. The whole affair is rapidly turning into a nightmare; what will happen? Will the wedding go ahead?

The wedding day arrives, and Jason, who has not slept for nearly a week, has made a decision to go ahead with the marriage because he cannot bear to let Lucinda down on her big day.  Can there be a happy ending to this impossible saga? Chris has the answer. Not only does he keep everyone happy, but he turns the wedding into a far more memorable occasion than even Stella could have imagined. 

The twist and turns in this farcical comedy will keep you on the edge of your seats throughout the play.

Written in 2000, this play has enjoyed outstanding success.


(6m, 4f)

  • John Taylor - 48, lets the world go by, henpecked by his wife, loves gardening, hard worker
  • Anne Taylor - 45, John’s wife, runs the family, does not like to be put under pressure, smartly dressed
  • Jason Taylor - 25, John and Anne’s only child, down to earth, quiet, deep thinking, romantic
  • Stella Parsons - 52, bride’s mother, jumped-up snob, plenty of money, in a loveless marriage, trying to find love and affection outside her marriage
  • Lucinda Parsons - 25, Stella and Reg’s only daughter, emotional wreck, pathetic persona, dominated by her mum, spoilt, does not make the best of herself until Act II, Scene II then she is transformed, looks beautiful and gains confidence
  • Fred Stubble - 60, family friend, reasonably well educated, ladies’ man, full of life, a real character, acts like a man twenty years younger
  • Julie Hemmings - 22, works at the local florist, from poor background, never had much money, very attractive, kind, considerate
  • Chris Tucker - 25, Jason’s best friend, quick thinker, Jack-the-lad, anything goes, lives for today (also plays Rev. Alan Ross)
  • Sid Blunsden - 45, John’s work friend, big thinker, full of flannel, married, no children, runs own video recording business
  • Alf Pratt - 35, John’s work friend, dishevelled nerd, not the sharpest tool in the box, lodges with Sid and his wife, helps with Sid’s video recording business
  • Rev. Alan Ross - (Chris Tucker in disguise), suggest dog collar, beard, glasses, wig, false teeth! Also use a different voice, use a fictitious actor’s name in programme

Please Note : We manage the global rights to this play with the exception of Australia and New Zealand.
Customers in these two countries please go to David Spicer Productions

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