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    by Les Clarke


Comedy Play Script: 'Joined' by Les Clarke

James has fairly recently come through a sad divorce, so to take his mind off things; he’s had a change of career and has started up his own odd-job business.  That way he can be his own boss and work when he likes and for whom he likes.  He’s done a leaflet drop locally and now he’s going round knocking on doors and following up to see if anyone needs any jobs doing?

He knocks on Kath’s door and she opens the door expecting to see her friend Marjory and is taken aback when she sees James stood there.  They are both thrown for the moment but Kath recovers and asks what he wants?  James, who is unaccustomed to talking to women, waffles on and despite this, Kath is interested in having some work done in her garden and invites James in to give her a quote. James is very nervous about entering the home of a stranger but does so a little reluctantly but once he sees the state of the garden he is interested.

James starts to work for Kath and a gentle unassuming relationship starts to develop between them, encouraged by Kath’s niece Hayley and much to the disgust of Marjory, who can’t believe that Kath is flirting with the ‘hired help’!

Marjory tries to get information from Hayley about just what is going on but Hayley won’t hear of it and Marjory gets the hump.  Despite James and Kath’s differences and him being the ‘hired help,’ what follows is a delightful romantic comedy packed full of laughs, as they gradually fall in love with each other.


(1m, 3f)

  • Kath - 52, unattached, witty, charming and full of life
  • James - early 30s, gardener, divorced, slightly damaged, but a thoroughly nice man
  • Marjorie - early 50s, Kath’s best friend, slightly coarse, fake snob, thinks everyone and everything in the world is beneath her
  • Hayley - early to mid 20s, Kath’s niece, thinks the world of Kath, fun-loving and charming

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