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Walking Tall

    by Gerald Walker


Comedy Play Script: 'Walking Tall' by Gerald Walker

At the Back o' Beyond youth hostel somewhere in the bleak north two likely lads, sponsored by their local pub, are preparing to tackle the hike to end all hikes, the ascent of Black Pike and the Devil's Buttress by way of Razor Edge and Hell's Kitchen. Straightforward enough perhaps for Clive, an enthusiastic anorak, but inexperienced Steve is understandably apprehensive.

The weather for one thing – storm-force winds and driving rain. And then who should blow in from the storm to get Steve's blood racing but the fair Stephanie, with parents Ray and Rita in tow looking for a country hotel, and now having to put up with some very basic amenities indeed as well as Eric the hostel warden, seemingly hell-bent on making everyone's life a misery.     

On the plus side Eric does have a daughter Olive, and she and Clive quickly find they have a lot in common...woolly hats, Marmite, sheep and flask-tea for starters! Steve is having less success with Steph despite his self-proclaimed insight into the workings of the female psyche, but can his well-intentioned guidance help save Ray and Rita's rocky relationship?

As for Eric, he certainly has his work cut out what with water coming through the ceiling, smoking pans, illicit drinking, S.E.X...oh, and Mildred of course.     

And then there's no putting off the inevitable.....THAT  HIKE! THAT  WEATHER!

Everyone's on tenterhooks awaiting the lads' return and the mobile signal is lost! Will they enjoy a hero's welcome or is it a job for the Mountain Rescue Service? There are unexpected twists and turns in this pacey comedy, but one thing is for sure – by the close all the characters are just a little older and wiser!


(4m, 3f)

  • Eric - 40’s, the misanthropic warden of the hostel 
  • Olive - 20’s, his daughter, shy but determined 
  • Clive - 20’s, a big, soft anorak, until roused 
  • Steve - 20’s, his pal, more interested in girls than in hiking   
  • Rita - 40’s, the sort of woman who needs a strong man   
  • Ray - 40’s, her husband, tries to be strong but usually fails to impress   
  • Stephanie - 20’s, their daughter, sharp and confident

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