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Comedy (V-Z)

Comedy Play Script: 'Viva La Costa' by Pip Burley

Viva! La Costa by Pip Burley

(4m, 4f) Henry and Tracey have rented a house on the Costa del Sol for three months to get over the trauma of Henry’s redundancy. Next door live Sid and Viv who retired to Marbella two years ago and are keen to introduce their younger neighbours to the ex-pat set. But life on the Costa turns out to be not quite what Henry and Tracey expected…

Comedy Play Script: 'Walking Tall' by Gerald Walker

Walking Tall by Gerald Walker

(4m, 3f) At the Back o' Beyond Youth Hostel Clive and Steve are preparing to tackle the hike to end all hikes, Black Pike And the Devil's Buttress by way of Razor's Edge and Hell's Kitchen...and at the same time trying to ignore the weather forecast! Mind you, there are distractions a-plenty, quite apart from the weather, to interest two red-blooded lads...

Comedy Play Script: 'Welcome To The NHS' by David Challenger

Welcome To The NHS by David Challenger

(3m, 4f) A light-hearted look at a group of people waiting each week to see their GP: Pensioners Pam and Marje like to gossip and keep warm; Jack needs a certificate for his ‘bad back’; Dennis, new this week, does genuinely needs attention; the neurotic Angela, who has been dumped for a ‘younger model’, and Jane, pregnant by the GP himself. With no sign of the Doctor arriving, they hatch a hare-brained plan to get the medical attention they need, but, of course, it all goes horribly, but amusingly, wrong!

Comedy Play Script: 'What Goes On In The Pantheon' by John Waterhouse

What Goes On In The Pantheon by John Waterhouse

(6m, 6f or 3m, 3f with doubling) Karen was in Greece climbing Mount Olympus when she lost her way in the mist. The Greek Gods still live on the mountain, hidden from mortal sight, and when Karen accidentally enters a portal, she is mistaken for a missing Goddess. Trapped in the world of the Pantheon, Karen become a focus of interest for the several Gods, particularly Dionysus and Apollo, and Greek Gods will go to any lengths to get what they want.

Comedy Play Script: 'What's A Calorie Between Friends' by Carole Tricker

What's A Calorie Between Friends? by Carole Tricker

(2m, 8f) A gentle comedy that takes a humorous look at the members of a slimming club as they try, unsuccessfully, to lose the pounds. The class is threatened with closure so some of the members come up with an outrageous plan to fool the area manager into believing they have actually lost weight. Things go wrong, people fall out, secrets are revealed, romance blossoms as the whole class joins together to try and make amends.

Comedy Play: 'Whatever Happened To Ruby Quicksilver' by Janet Shaw

Whatever Happened To Ruby Quicksilver? by Janet Shaw

(4m, 6f) Frankie Morgan gave up the glittering life as pop/rock singer Ruby Quicksilver and now runs an hotel in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol. What made her give it all up and retreat to obscurity? When another hotel's misfortune causes a few of their guests to de-camp, Frankie should be happy, but, the guests begin to cause problems. There's the hen party with some awkward secrets, a young man who thinks he's god's gift to women, and Mavis, a woman for whom nothing is ever right, and her compliant, anything-for-a-quiet-life husband, Cliff. Not only does the combination of this lot start to raise some temperatures, but it turns out that many years ago, Cliff and Ruby were friendly, and he knows more than he's letting on about Grace, Frankie's daughter.

Comedy Play Script: 'Where There's A Will' by Norman Robbins

Where There's A Will by Norman Robbins

(3m, 6f) "Where there's a will - there's relations" or so they say in Yorkshire.  But when everyone has a will naming them as sole heirs, who will inherit?  As they all reel in shock the first 'accident' occurs prompting a cunning plan for others to get their hands on the cash, but as they conspire, a ruthless killer stalks the house and bodies fall like flies. Whodunit?  Alcoholic Miriam, venomous Velma, dreadful Donna, male stripper Troy or mummy's boy Fordyce?

Comedy Play Script: 'Whose Coat Is That Jacket' by Jack Llewellyn

Whose Coat Is That Jacket? by Jack Llewellyn

(4m, 2f) The play endeavours to explain the unexplainable notion in Welsh families of 'Hiraeth' (best translated as 'a heartfelt longing for one's homeland') and is centered on the hopes and dreams of a traditional Welsh family and the young ambitious English woman who finds herself trapped in this claustrophobic environment. This dark comedy provokes thought, as tradition, taboo, expectations, relationships, family, identity, compromise and language are all thrown into the melting pot, linking past and present with the unpredictable future of this 'stable' household.

Comedy Play: 'Winner Takes All' by Colin Barrow

Winner Takes All by Colin Barrow

(2m, 5f, 1m/f) When elderly self-made multimillionaire David Oxendale introduces his new young wife Lucy to his sisters, there’s concern about any monetary inheritance from their very rich brother. After a year of marriage, David dies, leaving the vast fortune to the one who manages to find his money in accordance with his Will… not easy as he’s hidden it!. This comedy play keeps the audience laughing whilst the mayhem unfolds. The close of the play reveals twists and the winner who takes all!

Comedy Play: 'Wives as they Were, and Maids as they Are' by Elizabeth Inchbald

Wives as they Were, and Maids as they Are

(7m, 3f, 2/m/f) a play by Elizabeth Inchbald, part of our Regency Repertoire
Miss Maria Dorillion is an intelligent and independent-minded young woman continually criticised and repressed by her fusty male guardians. Although virtuous, loyal and caring, she is constantly tempted by the high life of 18th century London and suffers from gambling problems and debt. Throughout the play we follow her journey to find her place in society: to either reconcile herself to old ways, or to modern fashion. Should she be a ‘wife of former times’ or a ‘maid of the present day’?

Comedy Play: 'W.O.K.E. Up!' by Anna Longaretti

W.O.K.E. Up! by Anna Longaretti

(2m, 3f) a play about woke culture
Richard, an advertising big shot, comes back to life after lying comatose for years and enters his place of work to find that everything has changed. No more babes, bonuses and Bentleys… absolutely everything has changed… his way of working, the adverts his company creates, the words he’s no longer allowed to utter, his relationship with his creative partner, and the fact that a millennial is running the show. In this play attitudes, opinions, assumptions, and standpoints are challenged. The misuse of power through the woke culture is exposed, along with the virtue-signalling hypocrisy in the world of advertising. No one is ever the same again.