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Stalker Beware

    by Ron Hutson

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Comedy Play: 'Stalker Beware' by Ron Hutson

The action of the play takes place in the home of Stuart Holden a solicitor, a pleasant single storey home he shares with his girlfriend Karen Parish. Her mother Leonie is convinced that she is being stalked which Stuart finds unbelievable as she is rather a dotty elderly woman who gets her words mixed up.

Debbie Hunt is Stuart`s legal secretary, a rather vampish, attractive woman with designs on Stuart. Due to a misunderstanding at a local shop a policeman calls following a case of theft and assault on a store detective. Lots of misunderstandings lead him to mistake Karen for a cleaning lady which leads to an hilarious cover up on Stuart`s part and embarrassment on Karen's.
Introduce a naïve, Irish, private detective, Archibald Burke, who is mistaken for a policeman by Leonie who thinks he is there to help her find her stalker. All are gathered together on Friday evening so they can find out who he represents by Debbie agreeing to interrogate him. Unfortunately, the policeman arrives again and further misconceptions happen as each has the wrong idea of who each one is and what they are up to. The going in and out of the various rooms to keep their secrets make it possible for a further man to appear on the scene with even more revelations. Will it all turn out alright, or will it all lead to more trouble at the end?


110 mins approx


(4m, 3f)

  • Stuart Holden - 30s, solicitor  
  • Karen Parish - 30s, his partner, attractive, air hostess
  • Leonie Parish - 60s, Karen’s mother, rather erratic
  • Debbie Hunt - 30s, legal secretary, attractive, vampish
  • PC Baker - 30s-40s
  • Archibald Burke - 30s, private detective, Irish, naïve
  • Charles Parish - 60s, Leonie’s husband, Karen’s father

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions

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