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Comedy (N-S)

Comedy Play Script: 'Oh Comrade, What A Lovely Pair' by Mike Sole

Oh Comrade, What A Lovely Pair! by Mike Sole

(4m, 7f) Roxanne is getting married soon and the last-minute preparations are taking place. Roxanne’s father, Bob, has even taken a small job to make ends meet. Everything is going fine until he has an unusual encounter in the park with the Russian Mafia who inadvertently swap their briefcase containing smuggled fine wine with his containing cleaning product samples. In trying to get their wine bottles back leads the mafia to some strange situations. This is the sequel to ‘Oh Vicar! What A Lovely Pair!’, but can be performed without any knowledge of the previous play.

Comedy Play Script: 'Oh Vicar, What A Lovely Pair' by Mike Sole

Oh Vicar, What A Lovely Pair! by Mike Sole

(5m, 3f) A fast-moving comedy in which a dysfunctional working-class family run into difficulties when their daughter Roxanne decides to marry upper class Charles. The vicar calls to collect donations for the jumble sale and son Kevin gives away an old vase, not knowing that it contains the family savings. When the pub syndicate wins the lottery, but Bob fails to buy a ticket it would appear that nothing else could go wrong. It can though when they decide to do a robbery to recoup their losses with unintended consequences. The sequel is: 'Oh Comrade, What A Lovely Pair!'.

Comedy Farce Play Script: 'Open Wide' by Gerald Walker

Open Wide by Gerald Walker

(4m, 2f) Roger is planning a cosy night in with his dental receptionist, Sarah. But events conspire relentlessly against him despite his best efforts at seduction. Neighbour Sid gets caught up in the mayhem when Roger's son Adrian arrives from Amsterdam with ‘stuff’ for his mates, arousing the suspicions of Crispin, an enthusiastic policeman on a one-man anti-drugs crusade. When Roger's long-suffering girlfriend Pamela turns up unexpectedly the stage is set for a riotous farce in the best British tradition.

Comedy Play Script: 'Oscars' by Nick Wilkes

Oscars by Nick Wilkes

(4m, 1f) Oscars Cinema opened in 1933. Built in the Art Deco style, it could seat 1001 people and had all the modern conveniences. But now it's closing down. The ushers blame the new out-of-town Multiplex, the manager blames modern legislation, and the projectionist blames the resident ghost! Will the lights finally flicker out, or will someone save the silver-screen before the final reel? Take one last trip to Oscars.

Comedy Play Script: 'Over Exposure' by Ann Gawthorpe & Lesley Bown

Over Exposure by Ann Gawthorpe & Lesley Bown

(4m, 2f) It’s the year of the Silver Jubilee and Fred Fittleworth, owner of Fittleworth’s Family Photographers, wants to be mayor. To fund his campaign he agrees to take glamour photos for a magazine on the same day the EU’s anti-sleaze campaigner is visiting his wife. Juggling the demands of the glamour model and his wife he is forced to dress up as his own sister, fight off the over-sexed campaigner and stop his mother-in-law moving in.

Comedy Play Script: 'Passion Wagon' by Colin Barrow

Passion Wagon by Colin Barrow

(4m, 4f) A comedy play which revolves around the time old classic of a mother-in-law versus daughter-in-law, of tension and disapproval. Stella Watts has agreed with her husband Brian to take their daughter Amy and his mother Florrie on a two-week family holiday. It's the eleventh day and, as yet, they've been unable to get away from each other thanks to appalling bad weather. As the day unfurls, the cutting remarks and situations can't stop romance creeping into the family from all angles; one assurance is that Florrie Watts, who wishes she'd stayed at home, will have the last laugh.

Comedy Play Script: 'Peter Pantelyne, Esq' by Stephen Bean

Peter Pantelyne, Esq by Stephen Bean

(4m, 2f) Winner - Best Original Play, AETF North East Heats : 2007
Based on the medieval French play featuring Pierre Patelin, this play is a comedy involving trickery, lust, avarice and getting one’s just deserts, in which respect it retains the original theme of morality. In the play we meet Peter Pantelyne, a trickster who live on his wits, his spirited wife Gloria, a dim motor mechanic called Cooksey and a despicable pawnbroker who has about every vice known to man. Caught up in the middle of this motley bunch is the Judge, initially a victim of the pawnbroker, but who turns the tables in spectacular fashion. The play contains a fight scene and some (optional) nudity. Also available as a one act version.

Comedy Play Script: 'Peter Pantelyne, Esq' by Stephen Bean

Player King by Ryan Stevens

(5m, 7f, 1m/f) During a community theatre's production of 'Hamlet,' a snubbed actor seeks to claim the title role by any means necessary, setting off a chain reaction of bruised egos, disguises, and shenanigans, all (well, mostly all) spoken in Shakespearean verse!

Comedy Play: 'Playing God' by Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran

Playing God by Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran

(2m, 2f) Ed is a rock and roll legend. He’s married to the beautiful and vivacious Claudia, a travel writer with a guilty secret. Best friend Clive is a man of contradictions. He’s married to high-flying Henri, a tough businesswoman with a spiritual side. One night during dinner, Ed makes an announcement that puts them all off their pudding. Suddenly everything’s changed. The beat may be the same, but now they’re dancing a very different tune.

Comedy Play Script: 'Radiodram' by Nick Wilkes

Radiodram by Nick Wilkes

(4m, 1f) "Broadcasting from the former Glen Likestar Distillery on 102.6 and 107.2 fm. You're listening to Radiodram, the Spirit of the Highlands" ... but is anyone else? A remote Scottish coastal town, a traditional Gaelic community, and a chronic lack of bonnie-lasses to bring a smile to the clans, the kilts and the Celts. Then a work-experience student arrives, modern, English, and worse… a woman! Will the airwaves ever be the same again?

Comedy Play Script: 'Round The Houses' by Diana Raffle

Round The Houses by Diana Raffle

(3m, 5f) Helen and Lionel Simpson are planning to divorce and instruct estate agent Simon Allcock to sell their house. Before doing so the unscrupulous Simon decides to use their property for a romantic liaison with his secretary. His plans however are complicated with the arrival of his hapless assistant Bernard; a seductive female doctor; Bernard’s very strange wife; and a flamboyant thespian, Miriam. Mayhem arises in this fast-paced comedy with missing clothes, mistaken identities, and a cow!

Comedy Play Script: 'Roy Brown - Reclaiming Stonehenge' by Derek Webb

Roy Brown: Reclaiming Stonehenge by Derek Webb

(4m, 6f, 2m/f) If Scotland can get back the Stone of Scone, Greece wants the Elgin marbles back and India wants its Koh-i-noor diamond, why shouldn’t Wales have the Stonehenge bluestones back? Roy Brown is no stranger to weird ideas and delights in this opportunity to project himself as a defender of Welsh heritage (even though he comes from Margate). The Druids though, are not so keen and tell Roy about their plans to re-start human sacrifices again, a thought that rather quickly causes him to re-think the whole idea. Will he let the campaign fall by the wayside, or could there be another opportunity? 

Comedy Play Script: 'She Loves Him, He Loves Her Not' by Andrew Piñon

She Loves Him, He Loves Her Not by Andrew Piñon

(Minimum 6m, 4f, 1m/f) Smeraldina has always loved Oratio. But, Oratio is now in love with Isabella whilst Isabella is engaged to Flavio. But, Flavio isn't ready to settle down. As the wedding day approached, emotions run high in this quiet, provincial Italian village. Things get even more complicated when magic rings, voodoo dolls, and blood-thirsty pirates are thrown into the mix. This slapstick, ensemble comedy features twelve zany characters who get caught up in the cacophony of chaos. Performed in the Italian style of Commedia dell Arte, this play gives enormous opportunities for the performers to improvise and engage with the audience. The story is suitable for audiences of all ages.

Comedy Play Script: 'Snails For Starters' by Kattreya Scheurer-Smith

Snails For Starters by Kattreya Scheurer-Smith

(2m, 3f) Meet Robert and Juliet (no, not quite Romeo) your stereotypical middle-class couple, married for 35 years and as iPads become the new newspapers their relationship trundles along. Enter Carl and his new young thing, Imogen and everything comes into question; ‘are you still attracted to me?’ ‘do you know what career Antonio Banderas originally wanted?’ ‘Who’s Lola’? All will be answered in Kattreya Scheurer-Smith’s newest comedy.

Comedy Play Script: 'Some Of My Best Friends Are Women' by Carole Tricker

Some Of My Best Friends Are Women by Carole Tricker

(2m, 5f) A breezy comedy with strong female roles. The book group are meeting at Lynn’s house.  Everything is ready. There’s even a bottle of champagne on ice. What could possibly go wrong, after all, they are all good friends and know each other well? Or do they? As the evening descends into chaos true characters are revealed and friendships are challenged. The group survives, maybe stronger, maybe wiser?

Comedy Play Script: 'Special Features' by Nick Broadhead

Special Features by Nick Broadhead

(5m, 4f, 1m/f) Have you ever watched a play and wished you could rewind it because you’ve missed a bit of the plot? That’s what the audience in this ‘play within a play’ are treated to, not because the plot of ‘Special Features’ is complicated or confusing, but it’s just funnier that way. Find out what the parrot has to do with product placement in the theatre, and also why the leading lady has a broken leg (yes, a real one!).

Comedy Play: 'Stalker Beware' by Ron Hutson

Stalker Beware by Ron Hutson

(4m, 3f) An hilarious comedy set in the home of Stuart Holden which he shares with his partner Karen. Her mother claims she is being stalked which Stuart find ridiculous. His secretary Debbie has designs on him and causes all kinds of dilemmas for them all. On the scene comes an Irish private detective who is mistaken for a policeman, and a real policeman who gets confused with the relationship between Stuart, Debbie and Karen, all leading to innuendoes and comedy banter.

Comedy Play Script: 'Stand And Deliver' by Janet Shaw

Stand And Deliver by Janet Shaw

(4m, 10f) Winner - Audience Award, Wakefield Drama Festival : 2009
In a small Maternity Ward, Sister Mitchell and Nurse Walker have to contend with four pregnant women and their other half's (or mother in one case) each with different reasons for being pregnant and different views on births, deaths and marriages. It may sound like an unlikely setting for a comedy play, but Janet Shaw has a talent for turning the most incongruous situation and poking fun at it, or the people in it. Great fun!

Comedy Play Script: 'Stopped Interrupting' by Nick Broadhead

Stopped Interrupting by Nick Broadhead

(4m, 4f) A play within a play (sort of). When a performance looks likely to be cancelled due to a missing actor, the author of the play agrees to stand in for him. A few minutes into Act One, the cast are perturbed by a lady member of the audience standing up and claiming that she wrote the play, not the supposed 'author' on stage. It transpires that they were in love many years ago, but broke up and haven't seen each other since. Did the script get snaffled? Why did they break up? How will the cast cope with this unusual and testing situation?

Comedy Play Script: 'Subject To Contract' by Nick Broadhead

Subject To Contract by Nick Broadhead

(4m, 4f, 4m/f) After forty years of marriage, Grace and Wilf are tired of each other. With divorce not an option, the fortuitous appearance of a contract killer from Grace’s ukulele class provides the solution. Unaware of each other’s plans, they both employ her to eliminate their respective partner. Their efforts to make their spouse’s final days pleasurable leads to a rekindling of their relationship. Their problem now becomes stopping the determined contracted killer. Do they - or don’t they? 

Comedy Play Script: 'Sunking' by Nick Wilkes

Sunking by Nick Wilkes

(3m, 1f) It’s tough trying to stay afloat. Daniel and Max, two guys at a crossroads in life, facing change, comparing what they want out of life with what is reasonable to expect, and not liking the compromise. All this and a supermarket trolley dumped in the duck pond - but is it half underwater or half sticking out? Like them, have you ever had that ‘Sunking’ feeling?