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The Love Nest

    by Raymond Hopkins

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Comedy Play Script: 'The Love Nest' by Raymond Hopkins

David and Janet Thompson were deeply in love when they married thirty-two years ago, but sadly their relationship has now reached an all-time low. Their situation has been exacerbated by the fact that Marjorie, Janet’s mother, moved in with them ten years ago. In a last attempt to save their marriage, the couple return to the Guest House where they spent their honeymoon in the hope of rekindling their lost feelings of love and affection. If only life was that simple!

On arrival, it is obvious that the Guest House is going through a bad patch. Marjorie has invited herself along and immediately starts upsetting everyone. The Guest House proprietor has received a tip- off that a Health Inspector will be making a routine visit. Tina, a young, attractive waitress, has been given the job of chatting up the Health Inspector to ensure a favourable report. Tina mistakes David for the inspector and starts making amorous advances towards him just as Janet walks in on the action!

A young honeymoon couple are also booked into the Guest House. Sara, the wife, is totally disappointed with her husband’s bedroom performance. She pours out her heart to David and is caught out, by Janet, when she is showing David her appreciation!

Amina, an admirer from David’s past, is also staying at the Guest House. She is a very attractive, articulate lady who soon realises she is still besotted with David and entices him into her bed!    

How will this second honeymoon turn out? Will true love win through in the end? Only Tyson the mouse has the answer! A farcical comedy of love and misunderstandings.  

Written in 2002, this play has been performed throughout the world.


(3m, 7f)

  • Jack Longthorp - 53, guest house proprietor, big thinker, opportunist, smart in appearance, has many mood swings, does not always think before he speaks
  • Mary Longthorp - 49, Jack’s wife for 20 years, slightly overweight, does not make the best of herself, quiet, lacks self-confidence, life is centred around the guest house
  • Tina Lewis - 33, waitress, slim, very attractive, has had lots of boyfriends but never got serious with any of them, bit scatty, could be described as a dumb blonde, very likeable, has a zest for living life to the full
  • Janet Thompson - 53, guest, dominated by her mother all her life, smartly dressed, well spoken, at times acts like a snob, has an affectionate side which has been suppressed
  • Marjorie Braithwaite - 78, Janet’s mother, guest, cantankerous harridan, thinks the world revolves around her, hypochondriac, in her opinion her daughter has married beneath herself
  • David Thompson - 54, Janet’s husband, guest, intelligent, thoughtful, romantic at heart, well groomed, looks good for his age, normally placid but is becoming increasingly frustrated with his mother-in-law
  • Sara Ross - 24, guest, petite, good looking, likeable, outgoing, has lots of friends and interests, high sex drive, just married Duncan
  • Duncan Ross - 25, Sara’s husband, guest, very well built, good looking, super fit however we do not see him at his best, likes all sports, main love is rugby, scared of mice
  • Amina Betnay - 45, guest, slim, attractive, intelligent, looking for love but without success, money is no object and it shows, one of life’s high-flyers
  • Toni Clark - 39, health inspector, well spoken, smartly dressed, slightly overweight, comes across as brash but has a very caring side to her, lesbian
Tyson - the mouse (Clockwork - on a piece of string – imaginary)

Please Note : We manage the global rights to this play with the exception of Australia and New Zealand.
Customers in these two countries please go to David Spicer Productions

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