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Where's Alice?

    by Bev Clark


Comedy Play Script: 'Where's Alice' by Bev Clark

This full length comedy 'panto-style' play allows for the inclusion of songs, dances sequences and music with plenty of fun in another twist to the wonderland story.

Alice has left wonderland and the Queen of Hearts, who has mellowed somewhat, is missing her. She summons a search party, so that Alice can be found and marry her son Jack.

He sets off with his friend the Ace of Hearts, The Duchess, Hatter, Cat and their servant the Two of Hearts.  Their journey takes them to the Palace of Diamonds, where the Queen has sold her Diamond mine to the wicked Ace of Spades. His palace is awash with corruption, along with some heavy metal music.

They finally end up at the Palace of the jovial King of Clubs, where Duchess finds herself a husband. The Two of Hearts, who is really a clever practical girl, finds her true love. Ace finds a job and saves the day. Cat finds a soul-mate; Hatter finds new customers and Jack finds his Alice… but will their Happy-Ever-After be UP or DOWN the rabbit hole?

This is not a traditional “panto” but the fast-moving, colourful and witty script offers a large cast lots of opportunities for “doubling” or adding a big musical ensemble.


(11m, 10f, 11m/f most can double)

  • White Rabbit - dithery jobs-worth (m/f)
  • Mad Hatter - not really mad, just wants a job (m)
  • Duchess (Dame) - comedy role (m/f)
  • Cat - clever and witty (m/f)
  • Jack of Hearts - a silly schoolboy who becomes a hero of a Prince (m)
  • Queen of Hearts - mellowed and kinder than her former self (doubles with Queen of Spades) (f)
  • King of Hearts - the hen-pecked husband (doubles with King of Spades) (m)
  • Two of Hearts - a servant, kind, sensible and intelligent (f)
  • Caterpillar - small role can double (m/f)
  • Alice - same actress plays Butterfly, Ten of Diamonds, Two of Diamonds and Three of Clubs (f)
  • Queen of Diamonds - beautiful but vain (f)
  • Ten of Diamonds - lady in waiting (Alice in Disguise) (f)
  • Nine of Diamonds - lady in waiting (f)
  • Eight of Diamonds - lady in waiting (f)
  • Six of Diamonds - the rather stupid guard (m)
  • Two of Diamonds - a slave in the diamond mine (Alice in disguise) (f)
  • Three of Diamonds - non-speaking (m/f)
  • Four of Diamonds - non-speaking (m/f)
  • Ace of Spades - the evil usurper who is a secret rock star (m)
  • Seven of Spades - his even-more evil side-kicker (m)
  • Two of Spades - the good, kindly guard who falls in love with the Two of Diamonds (m)
  • King of Spades - an old rock ‘n’ roller (doubles with King of Hearts) (m)
  • Queen of Spades - the same (doubles with Queen of Hearts) (f)
  • Knave of Spades - an old fashioned, “geeky” young man (m)
  • Three of Spades - a guard (m/f)
  • Four of Spades - a guard (m/f)
  • King of Clubs - a jovial man who loves to play golf (m)
  • Five of Clubs - a silly caddy (m/f)
  • Four of Clubs - another silly caddy (m/f)
  • Three of Clubs - a servant to the king (Alice in disguise) (f)
  • Dinah - Alice’s cat (non-speaking) (f)
 Ensemble of cards where needed

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