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How To Relax In Andalucia

    by John Waterhouse

"A thoroughly enjoyable play and a must-see if you are looking to escape after a busy week!"

Helen Ball, Chief Executive, The Civic; Barnsley


Comedy Play Script: 'How To Relax In Andalucia' by John Waterhouse

Peter, having recently lost his marriage and his job, arrives at a Spanish guest house, wants time to himself, and is just starting to feel relaxed when Mick, a loud Australian arrives, followed by Saskia, a lively Dutch girl who are both travelling alone. Surprisingly, Carol, a classy, sophisticated Englishwoman is also staying in this very basic accommodation but she just seems to keep herself to herself.

Peter arrives back from a local bar, having left Saskia and Mick chatting but Mick soon appears with the news that Saskia has mysteriously disappeared. Carol asks to speak to Peter alone, revealing she is the mistress of a gangster whom she has walked out on. Thinking he might have tracked her down and taken Saskia by mistake, Carol co-erces Peter into letting her move into his room. Carol, disguised as a back-packer, later checks back into the guest house with a new identity.

Peter thinks the situation has now settled until Ron, an English detective arrives, saying he is looking for an insane murderess who is on the run. The description given disturbingly matches Carol. Saskia turns up badly shaken having been freed by her kidnappers. Peter agrees to let Saskia share his room after she gets over her ordeal. Ron turns up again and finds out from Saskia that Carol has been staying in the hotel. Saskia and Carol arrive at the guest house, both drunk, and Peter is roped into a game of strip poker by Mick.

Ron enters soon after Carol has collapsed on the table, revealing a tattoo which he recognises. Realising that Carol’s is cover is blown, Peter offers Ron a drink laced with peanuts, knowing he has an allergy, and before long, Ron needs to be helped off into an ambulance. Ron is arrested later after the police are tipped off by Carol; it turning out that Ron wanted in England for various crimes. Carol is now free to travel with Mick.

Saskia leaves to continue her journey and Peter looks forward to at last getting some peace and quiet when Christina, the waitress at the pension drags him into another calamity.


(3m, 3f or 2m, 3f)

  • Peter - 40s-50s, Englishman, irritable and just wanting to be left alone
  • Saskia - 20's, Dutch backpacker, tall and well built, quite outgoing and sporty
  • Carol - 30s, sophisticated Englishwoman, well spoken, very well dressed and seemingly obsessed with make-up
  • Christina - 30s, Spanish waitress, quietly spoken and modest
  • Ron Wilson - 50s, English detective, clandestine in manner, a calm arrogance with an icy edge
  • Mick - 30s, Australian Backpacker, brash and affable, rough and ready (In the small cast version, Mick is an unseen character)

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