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She Loves Him, He Loves Her Not

    by Andrew Piñon


Comedy Play Script: 'She Loves Him, He Loves Her Not' by Andrew Piñon

Smeraldina loves Oratio. Oratio loves Isabella. Isabella loves Flavio. Flavio loves himself. 

Smeraldina has spent her entire life pining over Oratio, the one boy she’s always loved. But, when she discovers he only has eyes for the most beautiful girl in town, Smeraldina’s life heads into a dark tail spin. Her sister, Columbina, and their Aunt, Rosaletta, try in vain to convince Smeraldina that she must move on with her life, but, Smeraldina won’t be swayed from her quest for true love. 

Arlechinno is having a difficult time keeping his master, Oratio, from throwing himself off a cliff when they discover that Isabella, the girl he adores, is engaged to Flavio. But, does Flavio really want to be tied down? 

At the same time, Pantalone, a surly miser and Isabella’s father, berates the troubled cafe owner, Dottore, who takes out his frustration on his employees: Smeraldina, Columbina, and Rosaletta, as they prepare for the wedding. 

As if thing couldn’t get any worse, two infamous pirates land in town in search for a magic emerald hidden in the haunted forest. With this jewel, any wish they ask for will be granted. But, when Puncinella, a greedy vagabond, overhears the pirates, he lies to Smeraldina and convinces her to help him. 

In this wacky Commedia Dell Arte play, loyal servants, devoted sibling, grumpy misers, starry-eyed lovers, devious pick-pockets, enchanted emeralds, haunted forests, and blood-thirsty pirate will make this wedding night unforgettable.


(Min 6m, 4f, 1m/f)

  Smeraldina : A young romantic servant girl. Young, cute but despondent (f).
  Puncinella : A deceitful thief and conman. A wiry vagabond (m/f).
  Dottore^ : Owner and chef of the Cafe Goldoni. Big and round (m).
  Columbina : Spunky elder sister to Smeraldina. Short, attractive (f).
  Pantalone* : The wealthiest man in Spoletta. A bitter old man (m).
  Oratio : A young merchant (m).
  Arlecchino : Servant to Oratio (m).
  Rosaletta : Aunt of Smeraldina and Columbina. A strange gypsy woman (f).
  Capitano : An infamous pirate captain (m).
  Squeegie : Scrawny, first mate to Capitano (m).
  Isabella : The beautiful daughter of Pantelone (f).
  Flavio* : A wealthy student engaged to Isabella (m).
  Police^  : Portly cop wearing a badge and uniform. (m).
  MotherVoice only from offstage by Rosaletta. Spirit of Smeraldina’s mother.
  ^ Dottore and Police could be played by the same actor
  * Pantalone and Flavio could be played by the same actor

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