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Tie Break

    by Nick Broadhead


Comedy Play Script: 'Tie Break' by Nick BroadheadWisecracking, practical joker and quizmaster extraordinaire, Clive Quest, is preparing for the final of the 'Pub Quizmaster Of The Year' competition. His partner, Ann McAnn is less than enthusiastic, especially as her twenty-one year old daughter, Melanie, has just announced her engagement to a ninety-four year old multi-millionaire, Vincent Raven. Fortunately, Ann has an old school friend, Roger Morton who is providing her with a listening ear (and possibly more).

All suspect that Melanie only intends to marry Vincent for the money. They wonder if she has ideas about bumping off her intended, and discuss amongst themselves ways that they would try to accomplish this.

As Clive is about to leave for the competition, Inspector Flume, arrives with the news of the sad demise of Vincent Raven. Roger stands in for Clive at the quiz, whilst Flume begins his interrogation of the suspects, beginning with Melanie. Nobly, Clive intervenes and confesses, although he is totally ignorant of how Raven has died.

Just as Clive is being arrested, Roger returns from the quiz, his clothes torn and nursing a black eye. He is accompanied by Sylvia, a woman he has met at the quiz. Roger explains that a fracas was caused by his tie break question, but more importantly he introduces a mysterious stranger, someone else he met at the quiz and who is instrumental in resolving the issue of Vincent Raven's disappearance.


(4m, 4f, 1m/f)

  • Clive Quest - 40-50, intelligent, erudite, compiles quizzes, lives with Ann McAnn
  • Ann McCann - 40-50, manager of a small fashion retail outlet
  • Roger Morton - 40-50, an old school friend of Ann's, well-spoken
  • Melanie McCann - 21, Ann's daughter
  • Inspector Flume - 30-45, dressed as a policeman, but is an actor friend of Melanie
  • Vincent Raven - 60-75, a distinguished businessman, part-owner of a brewery
  • Sylvia Sterling - 40-50, an attractive woman
'Vincent Raven' - a person in a wheelchair, face obscured, rigidly immobile
Grannie - 75+, an old woman in a wheelchair, covered in a blanket
NOTE : the two supporting roles above could be played by one actress

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