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    by Deborah Amor


Comedy Play Script: 'Tinsel' by Deborah AmorThe Pebbledon Repertory Theatre Company is rehearsing their Christmas show, ‘A Christmas Cracker’, the proceeds from which are always donated to the local children’s orphanage. Since the death of their benefactor, Henry Pebbledon, four years ago, the theatre has fallen on hard times. There is a lack of basic amenities, the heating is inadequate, the fixtures and fittings are antiquated; the cast are working with a crude, incomplete set, unreliable lighting, and cheap, tatty costumes. To add to these problems, the heir to the late Henry Pebbledon’s estate – the daughter he once gave up for adoption – cannot be found, and the theatre is likely to fall into the hands of his only other surviving relative, his great-great-niece, Stacey Starchy.

Aided and abetted by her private investigator, Bertie Blogger, Starchy is determined to find out what has happened to the missing daughter. She hopes to prove that the daughter has died, so that Starchy herself will inherit the property; she has certain plans for the theatre, which will force it to close.

But, despite Starchy’s best endeavours to discredit her, Theatre Manager Tiny Pursestring fights to keep the theatre open. She confides in Maggie, the tea lady, that she’s been unable to neither pay rent nor give the children’s orphanage their essential funds. However, Maggie has great faith in Tiny’s abilities as the Theatre Manager and knows that she’ll work it out.

Help is at hand in the shape of Rudolph, an unemployed actor, who turns up mysteriously that same day, and is subsequently given a role in the production. Determined to thwart Starchy, he enlists the help of Jenny, their stage-struck Stage Manager, who has aspirations of being a star, but no confidence. She eventually realises her dream when, having been encouraged by Rudolph to stand in for the absent leading lady, she creates the magic that turns the production round.  

In the finale we see Starchy’s plans thwarted, and Vic Wad – a wealthy property developer who re-discovers his lost love in the cast – invests the money needed to up-grade the theatre and ensure that the show goes on. Christmas in Pebbledon is saved.


110 mins approx (exc interval)


Principals (9m, 7f)

 The Actors
  Leonard Phipps - an actor, henpecked husband of Lesley (plays ‘Aldred’ and ‘Richard’)
  Lesley Phipps - an actress, wife of Leonard, has delusions of grandeur (plays ‘Miss Dogood’)
  Neville - an actor (plays ‘Percy’)
  Pattie - 35-40, an actress (plays ‘Lucinda’ and ‘Ursula’)
  Sue - an actress (plays’ Matilda’)
  Tom - a gay actor
  Trevor – a gay actor (plays ‘Orlando’ and ‘John’)
 The Others
  Matt Taylor - the Director
  Jenny - the Stage Manager
  Maggie Henshaw - early 80's, the tea lady, ‘lost’ daughter of Henry Pebbledon
  Henry Pebbledon / Ghost - very elderly founder of the Pebbledon Theatre
  Maxine - looks after the Costumes and the Stage Crew (aka Max)
  Stacey Starchy - the great-great-niece of Henry Pebbledon
  Bertie Blogger - a private investigator
  Vic Wad - 40-45, a property developer
Support (5f)
  Mrs Allnutt - the Prompt
  Tiny Pursestring - the Theatre Manageress
  Alexandra - Stage Crew (aka Alex)
  Georgina - Stage Crew (aka George)
  Christine - Stage Crew (aka Chris, non-speaking)

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