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Understanding Women

    by Devon Williamson

We licence productions of this title in UK, Ireland & Europe only.
For other areas please contact Devon Williamson


Comedy Play Script: 'Understanding Women' by Devon Williamson

Mike, Dave and Julian spend a weekend in a garden shed determined to break an age-old mystery. Armed with a case of beer, a box of girlie magazines and a holy book they are going to 'understand women'. What they discover is not quite what they expected. 

The play might not provide any answers to the men in the audience, but it certainly isn’t short on laughs. Set in the garden shed of a typical man, cluttered and messy, with the token girlie calendar on the door, it's obvious that we're inside the intimate male world in the company of three very different men.

The threesome of Dave, Mike and Julian ponder the meaning of life, but each of them couldn’t be more different. Dave, the silent and burly type, has been married for a hundred years; suave and confident Mike is a lady’s man, and completely clueless Julian, is shy and inexperienced. These obvious and accentuated differences, allow the dialogue to bounce off each other as they push forward their individual ideas.

There is more to this play though than just drunken ponderings, with role-playing, cross-dressing, relationship-profiling and even a bit of DIY torture.

As the weekend progresses, the mood deepens as the men delve into their individual 'dark rooms', although some only do so under threats of torture. Dianne makes a cameo appearance in the second act to extend each man’s character by showing their different reactions to a chance meeting, and the men provide several soliloquies to explain the state of play throughout the show.

Quick, witty dialogue, makes for a fast-moving story that, although it doesn’t get anywhere near the concept of 'understanding women', does reveal the extent of men’s cluelessness.


110 mins approx


(3m, 1f)

  • Dave  - mid 40s/50s, married with two teenage or adult kids, practical, down to earth, rough manner, unshaven
  • Mike - late 30s / mid 40s, a schoolteacher, has a problem with committing himself to relationships, clean, well dressed
  • Julian - late 20s / mid 40s, hasn’t had a relationship since primary school, administrative career, impractical, dressed a little out of fashion, uncomfortable under pressure
  • Dianne - an attractive woman of indeterminate age

We licence productions of this title in UK, Ireland & Europe only.
For other areas please contact Devon Williamson

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