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    by David Challenger


Drama Play: 'Choices' by David Challenger

'Choices' is a two-act, thought provoking play that deals with the controversial subject of euthanasia and two terminal illnesses. It can also be played as two one act plays.

In the first act called 'A Matter Of Time', Beryl is watching the man she loves, her husband die from incurable cancer. She is facing a difficult interrogation from the police over the death of her husband.

They are convinced that she 'assisted' him to his death. Beryl recalls her story and the decision she faced. She enlists her close friend, Doreen to help her as she hasn’t the courage to kill her beloved husband. It turns out that Doreen fears she also has an incurable disease and they agree on a pact. In return for Doreen administering the fatal overdose to Beryl’s husband, Beryl will return the favour when Doreen’s illness becomes too much to bear. But fate intervenes when Doreen gets the all clear.

In the final twist we find out that she didn’t go through with it and Beryl managed to summon up the courage to give her husband the final relief he wants. She now has to face the consequences of her actions.

In the second act called 'Trapped', a man is under extreme pressure nursing his sick wife who has Alzheimer’s disease. As her condition worsens, he sees the woman he adores failing before him and feels trapped. He takes a decision to end her life and takes to the road to escape the consequences.

He gives himself up and discovers that his wife had died of a heart attack before he thought he had killed her.  He is free and decides that material possessions no longer matter.  He doesn’t want to feel trapped. In a strange turn of events he is killed in a road accident.  He will re-join the love of his life.


  Act One / Play One (1m, 3f)

  • Ryan - a detective
  • Beryl - a widow
  • Lee - a female detective
  • Doreen - a widow, friend of Beryl

  Act Two/ Play Two (1m, 2f)

  • The Man
  • The Woman
  • Social Worker (f)

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