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Challenger & Watts

David Challenger & Adam Watts

challenger-david.jpgDavid Challenger has been involved in amateur theatre for over 25 years as an actor and producer/ director. He wrote his first play ‘Father’s Funeral’ as a challenge, as he had watched some poor stage plays and thought “I could do better than that”. He was inspired to write about a funeral while listening to a radio programme, of which the topic under discussion was that you get invited to weddings, christenings and key birthdays etc, but never to a funeral, anyone can turn up for either good or other reasons. I though it sounded like a good idea for a play.

His second play ‘Secrets, Lies & Blackmail’ was the result of a writer’s course he was selected for run by Sheffield Theatre’s Associate writer who mentored him through the whole writing and characterisation process. The other plays he has written followed rapidly and cover different genres.

He is now retired and as a hobby he has recently swapped stage acting for TV and film work as an SA (Support Artist), with his recent appearances having been in ‘Victoria’ (Series 2 and Series 3).

watts-adam.jpgAdam J. Watts is a child of the eighties and currently lives in his hometown of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. He has a passion for travelling, but ultimately, there's no place like home! Adam's journey towards writing was a winding one, and just as varied as the characters created by his overactive imagination. With two degrees and a background in design, he has certainly kept himself busy.

When he isn’t writing stage plays, you’ll find him penning his next novel. With the first two instalments of ‘The Samuel Beasley Trilogy’ under his belt, yet more alternative history fiction awaits!

In what little spare time comes his wayAdam enjoys acting, sports, and reading the work of other authors. He is also nurturing the notion of world domination, but this may have to wait a while, as the weather forecast for tomorrow looks a little questionableHe says about ‘The Last Post’: “This was my second foray into the world of script writing, and already I have a thirst for it! Working in collaboration with a fellow acting enthusiast was both challenging and rewarding. I like to think that we brought out the best in each other, and provided you - the reader, with a humorous and enjoyable experience.”

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