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The Loft

    by Tom Casling


Drama Play: 'The Loft' by Tom Casling

Bill is 70 years of age. He is an older man who spends his days looking after his pigeons. He is widowed and estranged from his brother, his only immediate family and he is very much a loner.

Whilst tending his birds one night Bill becomes aware of a commotion on the allotments and discovers a young boy, Jordon, hiding in the corner of his loft. Jordon is a youngster running wild and involved in petty crime in the area and as per usual is being pursued by the police. Bill decides not to give the boy away and an unlikely friendship develops.

This play is about two people from different generations and very different backgrounds who develop a strong friendship through caring for the birds and each other. This is not to say however that their relationship is not without problems, often caused by their respective pasts, idle gossip and the authorities. What could these two people possibly have in common and what if anything does each of them bring to the relationship that is so binding?

‘The Loft’ is a play about friendship, trust, mutual interest and overcoming adversity.

It’s a play for eight characters of various ages that can be played by all males and/or a mixed cast with the role of the police and probation workers being played by females. The set for the play is a pigeon loft and is written to include the use of pigeons, which can be challenging; however, it could also be performed using video and projection with some dummy birds to create the effects.


(5m, 1f, 2m/f)

  • Police Officer 1 / C3PO - any age (m/f)       
  • Police Officer 2 / PCSO - any age (m/f)
  • Bill Johnson - 70s, a pigeon fancier                        
  • Jordan Foster - 14-16
  • Phil Green - 40s, social worker                               
  • Johnno - 15-18, Jordan’s friend / acquaintance
  • Tom Johnson - Bill’s brother
  • Muriel Johnson - Tom’s Wife

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