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Bromage, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Bromage

Elizabeth Bromage

Elizabeth only got involved in Am Dram in the first place as there was an advertisement in the local paper asking for people to spare a couple of hours a week to come to their meeting and read aloud with the other cast members! From that, she became involved in amateur dramatics for over 20 years whilst living in Milton Keynes, had enormous fun with the different plays and parts, but in the early 2000s having suffered two close bereavements she found that to keep occupied that she toyed with the idea of writing a script for a play, rather than just taking a part. She found she had so many ideas buzzing around in her brain that she just sat down and started writing!

Before this, when the children and later on grandchildren came along, she would make up their bedtime stories, and they would always request at least three things to put in, for example, once they gave her a potato masher a candle and of all things a two-legged donkey!

She wrote her first play ‘Cognitive Therapy’ over a couple of hours each evening and it was done and dusted in 3 weeks. She then belonged to the Potterspury Players in South Northants and they wanted to produce the play and much to her delight broke the existing record for profit when it was performed. It’s also been performed at the Norwich Theatre a couple or so years ago.

With the success of the first play still ringing in her ears, she looked around for another subject, and as the newspapers were full of houses and gardens falling into the sea because of coastal erosion, she started thinking what would happen if you had booked a holiday only to find when you got there the place was practically under water and sinking fast! So play number two was ‘Holiday Home’.

Her third play ‘The 3B Ranch’ was started after getting home from a solo holiday, one that involved riding horses on a ranch in Texas. The wonderful cowboys, their hospitality, and the quirky natures of the other travellers fed her imagination and the play began to take shape.

Elizabeth now lives by the sea in beautiful East Lincolnshire, but having suffered two strokes she hasn’t joined any Am Dram groups there, preferring nowadays to write, rather than learn lines.

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