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Cognitive Therapy

    by Elizabeth Bromage


Comedy Play Script: 'Cognitive Therapy' by Elizabeth Bromage

Take five new patients who are to start their Cognitive Therapy Behaviour classes at the local health centre.

Mix in a Doctor, a Counsellor, and a Clinical Psychologist, add a tea trolley….

Remember the saying “If you need to see a Psychiatrist, you need your head examining” – this lot are well beyond that! Especially as one is an undercover police officer and another is a cold blooded murderer.

They need to learn to tolerate others and get rid of their own negative thinking.  To understand that people have their own problems as well as them and that the minds of the doctors could do with a bit of therapy at times as well!

The 'Earth Mother' character needs to stop leaving lit candles everywhere. The divorcee who is the comic relief needs to stop drinking, and the Receptionist needs to be more polite!

Surrounded by the usual health centre notices all over the walls, such as ‘Cognitive Therapy Group – Mondays 3 till 5pm’,  ‘Doctor Clappington’s Clinic in Room B4 9 – Please note: This is not to be confused with the STD Clinic in A2’, ‘Anger Management Courses run on Tuesdays at 4pm (If you could make it for 4.30 at the latest, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much, you are most kind.)’

And what on earth is all that crashing and shouting coming through the open window from the car park?  No wonder the window is alarmed, the patients are getting nervous too.

So when two widows, two divorcees and a patient who has anger issues meet up, in a room full of medics, there are going to be fights, arguments and maybe fisticuffs over the Ink Dots programme, not to mention a game of cards.

Can T-Ern the staff tea organiser, and his trusty trolley come to the rescue? 


(5m, 5f, 1m/f)

  • Martin Oakes - group therapist, clinical psychologist, counsellor
  • Natalie Cross - clinical psychologist, counsellor
  • Julia Digsby - receptionist                                                                      
  • Stewart Lace - doctor & senior GP at the practice
  • Grace Lilley -patient, widow
  • Susan Tyrine - patient, widow                            
  • Jasmine Plannter - patient, divorced, earth mother type                    
  • Dick Typpington - patient, divorced, comic relief                
  • Lee Tunter - patient, always angry                        
  • Ernest Tappet - staff, tea organiser                       
 Gentleman or lady at end - either/or

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