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The 3B Ranch

    by Elizabeth Bromage


Comedy Play: 'The 3B Ranch' by Elizabeth Bromage

Randolph Weisermeiler the Second, known as Randy II along with his Daddy Randy I and son Randy III have been looking after holidaymakers for years, so when a new party of holidaymakers arrive with Ye’Ha Tours to spend a week or two having fun and learning to line dance, and ride horses on a real working ranch in Texas, USA, Randy knows they are expecting some "rootin tootin fun"!

The only accidents that usually occur is when the beginner line classes collide on the dance floor, but someone has been knocked out by a dead buffalo, and a horse is found in the swimming pool, and its not doing a doggie paddle that’s for sure!

The tour operator Skip Roper tries to keep them all out of trouble, but Buddy, one of the holidaymaker’s seems to have an unusual knack of getting injured; whether it’s a dog attack or ending up falling under scaffolding and making himself unconscious, or having a horse flying over his head, she has her hands full, not to mention having to keep bandaging Buddy!

Holidaymaker Jack a widower, is well travelled, and boastful.  But why is he always trying to ring home? Or Evelyn, another holidaymaker, divorce pending, who wants a man, any man. Or Shy and a bit dim Isszelda, who is single and desperately wants to "live a bit".

They all go off to a rodeo and experience the Mutton Busters.  But someone is injured again, who and why? The Japanese visitors never arrive at all, what’s happened to them?

Randy I, II and III played by the same person, or three very different characters? Why can only Skip tell the difference between them when none of the holidaymakers can?

When the Sheriff’s office is finally called, what’s happened and is someone guilty of murder?

Yee’ Ha!


(4m, 4f or 6m 4f)

  • Randolph Weisermeiler l - 70s, grandfather, always keeps his hat on
  • Randolph Weisermeiler ll - 50s, father
  • Randolph Weisermeiler lll - 30s, son
  • Jack Trump - 30+, widower, holidaymaker, well-travelled and boastful
  • Andy McQuirk - 30+, divorced, holidaymaker, well-travelled and loud,
  • Lionel “Buddy” West - 30+, single, holidaymaker, never been anywhere or done anything
  • Lucille Palaver Holidaymaker - 30+, widow, out for a good time
  • Evelyn Thornton Holidaymaker - 30+, divorce pending, wants a man, any man
  • Isszelda Maire Holidaymaker - 30+, single, seems shy and a bit dim
  • Miss Skip Roper 1 Tour Operator/Manager - 40+, single, tour operator for Ye’Ha Texas Tours
NOTE: for small casts, one person can play all three Randolph Weisermeiler parts. For large casts, these can be played by three people. All three of these characters are referred to as ‘Randy’, the joke being that, if played by one person, the difference is so minimal, that you can’t tell the difference, perhaps a different hat or loud boots.  If the part is to be played by three different actors, then they must be as different as possible. The joke here is the others still can’t see the difference between them. Only the character Skip can always tell.

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