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Scheurer-Smith, Kattreya

Kattreya Scheurer-Smith

Kattreya Scheurer-Smith

‘Uke Belong To Me’ was the first ever piece written by UCLan Graduate, Kattreya Scheurer-Smith, who completed her degree from the Drama UK accredited university back in 2014. Since then she’s been working as a professional actress and model, dipping into every area within the industry! Despite gaining credits in work such as Wonder Woman (Warner Bros 2017), she’s discovered that work isn’t as diverse as she’d hoped, so therefore took it upon herself to put pen to paper, and so became ‘Uke Belong To Me’. Fascinated by human relationships and animals, she believes that ‘Uke’ is a wonderful combination of her biggest interests, along with the newly acquired skill of ukulele. Live music has always been a passion of Kattreya’s, having admired pieces containing it ever since she can remember.

‘Uke’ premiered at Sawston and then Cambridge Drama Festival, winning both and then advancing to the British All Winner’s Final in which they won ‘Audience Appreciation’ and the ‘Adjudicator’s Award’. Finally, Uke finished with a performance at the prestigious ‘Lighthorne Festival’, which went down stormingly and the company managed to win £500 which went towards Macmillan Nurses. Kattreya was brought up in the theatre world, with her own father having written over 20 plays, having created Kattreya’s first ever part back when she was 13 as a plucky teenage gardener, ‘Taylor’, in ‘Barbecue’. Kattreya is working on more and more work to explore relationships, animals and all of those bizarre questions she has lurking in her mind! 

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