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Alter Ego

    by Tom Casling


Comedy Play Script: 'Alter Ego' by Tom Casling

We meet Richard as he is preparing for yet another interview and as usual he has gone overboard with the preparation. So much so that Lynne, his wife, decides to sneak off for some peace and quiet. 

Richard decides to go for a night out with a friend to calm his nerves and returns later that night rather the worse for wear.  He awakes the next morning to meet the displeasure of his wife and to a postman delivering twelve condolence cards.

His mother-in-law arrives to inform him that he died two weeks ago and then  two undertakers from the Co-op turn up insisting that they have come to bury him.

Could it get any worse? Yes, and it does. He is arrested for drug-trafficking, spends the night in a cell and discovers that his wife has had an alleged affair.

Things are not good, and as Richard says quite eloquently: “Where’s the ray of sunshine in all this?”

This is an hilarious comedy tinged with moments of poignancy. It deals with the issue of identity theft and has a unique twist to the ending of the play which lifts the spirits.


(2m, 2f, 4m/f or 2m, 2f, 2m/f with doubling)

  • Richard Simpson - 50, an out of work car salesman
  • Lynn Simpson - 45-50, Richard’s wife
  • Gladys Stephenson - Lynn’s mother
  • Steve Wright - Richard’s friend
  • O’Donnel - an undertaker (m/f, written as male)
  • Mr Flannery - another undertaker (m/f, written as male)
  • DI Stott - a Detective Inspector (m/f; can be played by the actor playing O’Donnel).
  • Sgt Foster - a Police Sergeant (m/f; can be played by the actor playing Flannery).
  • Postman - a voice (played by the actor playing Steve)

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