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Frozen Assets

    by Tom Casling


Comedy Play Script: 'Frozen Assets' by Tom Casling

‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive’.

Sometimes, when people are under pressure, they make mistakes and when this pressure is financial they make irrational decisions. Peter Middleditch is no exception to this rule. If there is a wrong decision to make you can guarantee he will make it and if a little lie can help then so be it.

Peter’s wife, Claire, is practical, pregnant and under pressure. As a result of this she is not very understanding and at times not very helpful, and as such easily drawn into his mendacity. She knows Peter of old and is well aware of his short-comings but despite herself she agrees to a foolish decision of Peter’s which will have wide reaching implications.

And when it does goes wrong, she supports his lie. Peter’s mother Brenda’s death leaves a number of unanswered questions… not least: How did she die? Why did she die? Why buy a crystal ball for someone’s birthday? If she is a clairvoyant why did she not see this coming? Who is Sid and what is the relationship that he has with Brenda? What has this to do with Ashley a local acting agency, a fly-on-the-wall documentary, a local séance, palmistry sessions with a locum GP and a proposed marriage?

This play has many of the features of a farce but is believable as a straight piece of theatre given the conceivable plots, the rationale for the foolish decision, and the eventual outcome. It is a play filled with laughs as the audience share in the deceit and will the loveable couple on to succeed.


(3m, 6f)

  • Brenda Middleditch - Peter’s Mother
  • Peter Middleditch - 30-40ish, an out of work accountant
  • Claire Middleditch - Peter’s pregnant wife
  • Sid Johnson - a retired council worker
  • Ashley Wright - an agency actor
  • Dr Rose Watson - the local GP
  • Cybil Green - a thrice married and widowed woman
  • Mavis Wright - a spinster Postmistress
  • Edith Jones - the local gossip and cashier at corner shop
  • Police Officer - a very small walk-on part
REDUCED CAST SIZE (3m, 3f): The three older ladies (Cybil, Mavis and Edith) could be played by Peter, Claire and Sid to provide greater comedic effect. Time has been allowed for their costume changes.

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