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    by Nick Wilkes



Play Script: 'Sunking' by Nick WilkesChange. It’s hard. Especially in these times. Can you accept things and move forward? Can you leave things behind? Will you sink, or will you swim?

Max, Daniel and Randolph are each going through a period of change, and for different reasons facing decisions that must be made, or worse, will be made without them. Daniel has a crisis of career and almost no private life because of it. Boom, bust and troubles with the taxman.

Max is being mugged matrimonially whilst fighting the loss of his youth and he can’t keep up with the youths that have seemingly invaded his local drinking establishment; his factory job is no longer the ‘job for life’ that was promised.

Fiery pensioner Randolph is old, heart-breakingly single, and not enjoying it one bit. Angry, disappointed, and still in love with the disabled wife who has left him and rolled off into the sunset.

These three disparate souls find themselves avoiding life, praying for a lottery win, and passing time in the park, where someone has dumped a supermarket trolley in the pond, which like their dreams, is painfully out of reach. But which supermarket does it belong to? Is it sinking, or has it already sunk? And who of them knows a little more about all this than they should?

A painfully comic tale about change in our time. Have you ever had that Sunking feeling?


110 mins approx (exc interval)


(3m, 1f)

  • Max - early 30's
  • Daniel - early 30's
  • Miss Warburton - 30-40, slim, tall and beautiful
  • Randolph - 60-65, a tweedy gentleman


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