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Father's Funeral

    by David Challenger


Comedy Play Script: 'Father's Funeral' by David Challenger

It is the day of Jack Jones’s funeral and his two daughters Maggie and Vera don’t see eye to eye over the arrangements. Maggie has carefully planned the funeral with no expense spared, whereas Vera want it “done on the cheap” so she and her devious womanising husband Philip can use her part of the inheritance to buy their dream villa in Spain.

Maggie confronts Philip over their brief affair some twenty years earlier and demands he tell Vera that their adopted son, Patrick is really her son, the result of their affair. A stranger named Lydia turns up for the funeral claiming to be Jack’s illegitimate daughter looking for her long lost family. She also happens to hold a senior position in a bank that was once defrauded by Philip. Philip immediately takes a shine to Lydia before he knows who she really is.

Patrick’s girlfriend Sarah, unbeknown to him, is working undercover for the Fraud Squad, investigating Philip.

Vera’s world is shattered when the truth comes out about Philip and Maggie. Patrick is left with divided loyalties. Lydia confronts Philip about his criminal past and he will face the consequences. Vera’s fragile heart fails her and. Maggie is left with a fortune she doesn’t know what to with.

This play is fast moving and full of twists and turns to keep the audience guessing.


(2m, 4f)

  • Maggie
  • Philip
  • Vera
  • Lydia
  • Patrick
  • Sarah

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