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    by Janet Shaw


Comedy Play: 'Charade' by Janet ShawA wedding invitation to the idyllic island of Xantos turns out to be a date with disaster. It is 1970 and Kate is about to marry Steven on the romantic Greek Island of Xantos. Their families haven’t met before arriving and, when they do, the two mothers detest each other on sight due to a volcanic clash of style and temperament.

Felicity, Kate’s genteel and refined mother, is confronted with Steven’s mother, Rene, a loud and brash ‘rough diamond’ and immediately the sparks begin to fly! During this, the two fathers of course, are nowhere to be found. Their mother's arguing turns Kate and Steven's ceremony into a nightmare ,and leads to a rift between the nearly newlyweds, who call off the wedding.

Kate’s Aunt Issie arrives and reveals that Kate and Steven both have the same father - a fact which has the effect of cementing a new and uneasy relationship between Felicity and Rene. Skeletons now fall out of various cupboards at an alarming rate. What is Felicity hiding from her sister Issie? And what is the secret that the bride's father shares with the guests that leaves them reeling with shock? It's been twenty five years since World War Two ended, but ghosts from the past emerge for these families, leaving behind a trail of heartbreak and discovery.

A bittersweet adult comedy full of humour and pathos which will have you laughing and crying, probably at the same time.


110 mins approx


(5m, 7f, 1f junior, 2m/f)

  • Maria - a Greek ‘maid of all work’ at the Taverna
  • Alex - 24, a forthright young woman, owner of the Taverna, Felicity’s niece
  • Nico - 20-35, a Greek friend of Alex’s
  • Felicity - 50-60, a middle class snob, highly strung, a perfectionist
  • Justin - 18-22, Felicity’s son
  • Kaitlin (Kate) - 24, Felicity’s daughter, marrying Steven
  • Rene - 50-60, a rough diamond, loud and brash, protective of her lifestyle and her children
  • Pat - 50-60, Rene’s sister, another rough diamond, but not quite so loud
  • Steven - 25-30, Rene’s son, marrying Kate
  • Danny - 20-25, Steven’s Best Man
  • Isobelle (Issie) - 50-60, Felicity’s sister, a mental patient, rather confused but has lucid moments
  • Richard - 55-65, a bigamist and philanderer, musician, works on cruise ships
  • White Coats - two medical orderlies (one speaking, one non-speaking) (m/f)
  • Gail - 9-14, a young girl

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