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Oh Comrade, What A Lovely Pair!

    by Mike Sole


Comedy Play Script: 'Oh Comrade, What A Lovely Pair' by Mike SoleThey’re back! The dysfunctional Woods family from 'Oh Vicar, What A Lovely Pair!” return to the stage in this new comedy. The action takes place six months after we were first introduced to the family. Roxanne is marrying Charles in a week’s time and the last-minute preparations are taking place. Bob has even taken a small job to make ends meet and Kevin has a job interview too. Everything is going fine until Bob has an unusual encounter with a smuggler from the Russian Mafia.

At a chance meeting in the local park Rasputina accidentally swaps a briefcase containing two very expensive bottles of vintage fine wine, with Bob Woods case of household cleaning products, and she and her boss must find a way of getting it back.

With Bob’s family busy preparing for his daughter Roxanne’s wedding there are plenty of people coming and going to the house, even a gorilla, photographer, bridesmaids, the in-laws and who is that in the Spiderman costume? 

With plenty of opportunities for mistaken identities this play is a riot of laughter from beginning to end. Fans of TV sitcoms such as 'Only Fools & Horses' and 'The Royle Family' will enjoy the real life humour of this play.

This is the sequel to ‘Oh Vicar, What A Lovely Pair!’, but can be performed without any knowledge of the previous play.


110 mins approx


(4m, 7f)

  • Kevin Woods - Young rogue and petty thief, early 20s.
  • Roxanne Woods - Young and attractive, late teens. Kevin’s younger sister.
  • Bob Woods - Father to Kevinand Roxanne. Unambitious layabout.
  • Maureen Woods - Bob’s hard-working wife and mother to Kevinand Roxanne.
  • Elsie Evans - Maureen’s mother
  • Helen Farquart-Jones - Charles’ mother. Pompous.
  • Stephen Farquart-Jones - Charles’ father. Rich, but down-to-earth.
  • Rasputina - Smuggler for the Russian Mafia.
  • Vladimir - Head of Russian Mafia in the UK.
  • Susan - Bridesmaid, early 20’s.
  • Trish - Bridesmaid, early 20’s

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