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The Butler Did It

    by Norman Robbins


Comedy Play Script: 'The Butler Did It' by Norman Robbins

The Butlers have been big lottery winners and from the proceeds have bought Little Wolford Hall, much to the chagrin of Councillor Violet Montague who is doing her level best to destroy the Butlers standing with the villagers.  She is always up at the hall complaining, dragging her policeman nephew Rupert along.  Delvis Butler and his wife Sharleen play up to her pretending to be uncouth mindless people, when in fact he runs a successful business and she is a recognised artist. 

The Butlers are hoping to host a high-end diamond exhibition and are awaiting the arrival of Jane the jeweller’s representative, to view the facilities at the Hall.  Jane is bringing with her a very expensive individually designed necklace, to show the standard of what to expect in the exhibition.  However, when Delvis’ estranged sister Miranda, who has an ‘interest’ in all things sparkly, arrives unannounced, and Iggy Butler starts brewing homemade rhubarb wine from grandmas’ recipes events take unexpected turns. 

Rupert has an unfortunate incident over a shrinking uniform and pots of paint, the rhubarb wine has an interesting effect on the Councillor, and her sister, Ada Bissett, has an unusual side-line to her day job as Editor of a High-End Magazine, which necessitates police investigation.  

The necklace is said to be a fake, or is it, and who knocks Miranda over the head with something heavy and what has happened to the diamond necklace?

By the author of ‘Where There’s a Will’ and ‘A Pocketful Of Posies, this light-hearted comedy thriller will keep the audience laughing, and in suspense until the final curtain.


(4m, 6f)

  • Henry Lucas - the Butler's butler
  • Councillor Violet Montague, J.P
  • Police Constable Rupert Hare
  • Delvis Butler
  • Sharleen Butler
  • Ignatious (Iggy) Butler
  • Miranda Pickersgill
  • LaToya Butler
  • Jane Cottingley
  • Ada Bissett

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