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USA & Canada

OK, so you've landed here on
our website, looking for a play
or a musical to read and
hopefully to 
perform, in
the USA or in Canada.

Stagescripts is a British company so most of our titles have been selected for a British audience, or for audiences that have a strong connection with Britain and who understand our social and linguistic mannerisms.

But don't go away! We have a number of titles written by American and Canadian writers whose work may be more easily understood by a North American audience.

And for most of our other titles, our authors are generally very happy to allow changes to their scripts and to change words and phrases if they are 'too British' for you. All you have to do is contact us and ask!

Plays by American or Canadian Authors


(3m, 5f) 55 mins approx
A modern-age fairy-tale about the North Star being tricked out of the sky and stumbling into a family’s life changing them forever. The idea of some supernatural being falling down to Earth and helping change the lives of us mere mortals is a powerful myth that resonates down human history. It is a heart-warming story about love, friendship, and how the world needs to work together to survive.

Life, Below Zero

(4m, 2f) apx 50-55 mins Prize Winner
“Jonathan, I need you to trust me, I need you to understand that your life at its absolute most difficult is nothing more than a faint flash of light in the universe”. With these words Michael tries to put into perspective the anguished life that Jonathan and through him, his wife, Sarah, have been living since the death of their toddler son. He blames himself for the boy's death, but a force far stronger than one man's possible lapse of judgement is gradually revealed by Michael, until the beginning of a release for Jonathan takes shape. The play is a fascinating contemporary work that aligns our material life with all its torments and tragedy, to the promise of at least some guiding force, working with humanity.
Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Something Tells Me' by Ed Tasca

Something Tells Me

(2m, 2f)
Marsha lives with her sister Bess, with Marsha providing the income and Bess the house. When Bess invites her ex, Ray, to come and join them temporarily, a tension rises over who may or may not be after Ray. The narrative explores the tensions we create between our conscious and subconscious drives, and how, in either case, we manipulate those around us.

The Pink Pearl

(3m, 2f) Imagine a restaurant that’s not yet properly open for business, where the only customer is an international food critic, where the decor is added to every 30 minutes, where the tee-total barman serves drinks way too strong, where the elderly lady tenant of the flat over the shop is pressed into helping, and where the owner desperately wants to win a coveted culinary award. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, and in this farcical comedy, the disaster pays off when the meat-based dish that’s mistakenly eaten by the vegetarian critic turns out to be a winner!

The Revolutionaries

(18m, 6f) Large Cast
An important moment of history is highlighted in ‘The Revolutionaries’. The theme of the play is the fight for power around the time of Lenin's death and takes place in the aftermath of the 1917 Russian Revolution. Lenin knew he was dying and was concerned about who might be his successor. He favoured Trotsky, but as history tells, Stalin was very much in the way.

The War Of The Roses

(Minimum Cast Size: 3m, 2f)
‘The War of the Roses’ is probably best remembered for being made into an iconic 1989 film starring Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito. It illuminates a messy divorce and the relationship-shattering materialism, contempt and selfishness of husband and wife by posing a pair of timeless questions: How far are we willing to allow our material possessions the power to define who we are? Are today’s marriages haunted by the struggle to get even?

Where You Going, Bobby Fortner?

Full Length Young Cast Drama (7m, 4f)
Bobby, living in a small American town, discovers that illegal dumping of toxic chemicals is taking place in the local river, but nobody in the town seems to be interested - not even the Sheriff. In passing, he mentions it to his doctor who agrees to help Bobby find the culprits as the town's water supply is at risk. This play for young adults raises topics of the environment, collusion, teenage relationships and trust.
Musicals by American or Canadian Authors

Country Love

Principals : 1m, 1f     Support : Country Band & Backing Singers
The typical dialogue that occurs after the breakdown of a marriage, only it takes place in song and words. Vern sings his story in a cheap Country music karaoke bar while Tammy Lea, a famous Country singer records a 'behind the music' TV programme. Unusual and emotional.
Jane Eyre - the definitive musical

Jane Eyre

Principals : 4m, 6f adult, 3f junior Support :1m, 3f (plus a chorus that supplies cameo roles of: 3m, 8f adult, 1m, 2f junior)
This new musical adaptation captures the passion, struggle, and eventual hope and forgiveness of Charlotte Brontë's magnificent classic novel. This beautiful musical journey takes us through the life of the orphan, Jane Eyre, as she rises above the tragedies of her youth to find redemption and renewed hope.

Little Women - a new musical

Little Women

Principals : 4m, 6f adult,     Support :1m, 1f (plus chorus)
This soaring new musical adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s beloved American classic novel follows the sacrifices, struggles and triumphs of the March Family during the American Civil War. Delightful characters bring to life all the loves, laughter, and heartaches of one unforgettable family. It “captures the heart in a way that won’t let go!”.

Princess Diana, the musical

Princess Diana, the musical

Principals : 2m, 2 jnr-m, 6f     Support : 6m, 7f, 5m/f (plus cameos & chorus)
'Princess Diana, the musical' tells the story of Charles and Diana; focussing on their courtship, their marriage and her relationship with her children and the rest of the Royal Family. The musical culminates with her divorce, but ends at the time of her funeral. As the musical progresses it portrays the evolution of the young Diana into the intelligent, mature woman who, becomes arguably the most famous, (certainly one of the most famous), women in the world.