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Young Cast Musicals

We have a range of musicals for young actors aged approximately between 8 and 18 and we've split them into three groups : Junior, Middle and Senior.

This grouping reflects a combination of the complexity of the roles of the main principal characters and the style and content of the musical, but this should only be used as a guide, not a rule!

You may, for example, want to let an older age group explore a more simplistically themed musical and maybe give a more polished performance ... or, on the other hand, perhaps give a more complex piece to a younger age group as a means of challenging them. It's your choice, so don't be too constrained by our groupings below.

We have placed titles in the group appropriate to the principal characters and those titles
marked with a '*' have, or could have, younger actors taking part too.

Remember also, that many of the titles in our general catalogue are capable of, and often have been, played by young people to great acclaim.

We treat the acquisition and marketing of our Young Cast range in exactly the same way as we do for all our other titles as we don't believe in offering you musicals for young people that are childish or shallow. Our view is that your actors should be challenged and entertained, to hopefully give them an enduring interest in the performing arts.

Junior Catalogue (8-12)

Youth Musical: 'Star Crossed' by David Hodges

Star Crossed by David Hodges

TWO ACT Principals : 4m, 1f, 9m/f     Support : 5m/f with Chorus
An affectionate take on space sagas. Set on board the Alpha Zee in a galaxy not far away, it tells the story of chidlhood friends Rocky (the captain) and Ricky (his junior Navigation Officer), who, together with Princess Alena (a stowaway) try and outwit the evil General Garth and his henchmen, Bill and Bob. They mean to capture the runaway Princess, and return her to Imperator Zaphon, her father, by using mind probes on the crew and revealing certain information about Ricky and Rocky's past. The musical is a fun two-act piece with easy-to-learn music and lyrics.

The Fang Gang by Roy Apps & Christopher Wortley

ONE ACT Principals : 1m, 2f; Support 6m, 4f with Chorus  ~ Ideal for Year 6 ~
Written by BAFTA award winning writer Roy Apps and composer Christopher Wortley. When Jonathan Leech is sent to stay with his grandad, he discovers to his horror that grandad is a vampire (albeit not a very successful one). Before he knows it, Jonathan is invited to join the Fang Gang, a gruesome collection of young ghouls, werewolves, zombies and vampires. At first, Jonathan resists, but soon he embarks on an exhilarating, funny and touching journey of self-discovery. With a large cast that includes young vampires and ghouls - not to mention a headless teacher - this fun-packed musical will have prospective spooks shivering with delight.

Middle Catalogue (10-14)

1605 And All That

1605 And All That by Anthony Merryweather & Nick Paterson

TWO ACT Principals : 8m Support : 13m, 1f with Chorus ~ Ideal for an all boys school ~
A fabulous musical for schools; not so much a black comedy, more a black pantomime telling the tale of the Gunpowder Plot. In some respects this is very much a tale of our time, given the central, underlying reason for the attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament was religious intolerance. It has an exceptionally well-written script with excellent musical numbers that complement the story being told. The subject matter is covered in an easy-to-understand manner in a generally comedic style which ranges from satire to slapstick.
Angel Squadron - modern nativity musical

Angel Squadron by Peter White

ONE or TWO ACT Principals : 6m, 3f, 3m/f Support : 5m, 11m/f  ~ Alternative Nativity ~
A very modern Nativity telling the Christmas story from the point of view of the angels. Given that the style used is something of a homage to the 'Battle of Britain' type films prevalent in the 1960s it's something that boys in particular can enjoy. The premise of this musical is that the angel squadrons are carrying out secret missions briefed by the Supreme Commander. It takes place at the angels ‘airfield’ and on earth, in and around Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’ birth.
Merlin - a play with music from Stagescripts Ltd

Merlin by Tony Layton and Roger Hart 

TWO ACT Principals : 7m, 3f, 2m/f     Support : 10m, 6f, 6m/f with Chorus
A most enjoyable and dramatic play with music that traces the life of Merlin from his birth to his death. Those who have tried to research the life of this mystifying magician have found that there's more than one Merlin in the mists of legend, so this play attempts to stitch together those tenuous threads in order to create a character that is both mysterious, and above all, human, with all the frailties this entails. The delightful music includes several numbers that allow for spectacular dance sequences.
Robyn Hood - all girls school musical

Robyn Hood, outlaw princess by John Reynolds and Gary Daverne

TWO ACT Principals : 7m/f  Support : 19m/f with Chorus  ~ Ideal for an all girls school ~
A lively, fun, 'pop' musical, based loosely on the traditional tales of 12th Century English folk hero, Robin Hood. In what is essentially a fantasy tale, Robyn is a schoolgirl who dreams of being a famous heroine. Her dream becomes a reality in which she re-emerges as Robyn Hood, an outlaw Princess, leading a female band of followers. The characters can be played by actors from any ethnic or cultural group and is written for unlimited cast numbers, predominantly female.

Jukebox Musical 'Rockin Robin' by Judith Prior

Rockin' Robin by Judith Prior

Coming Soon!

Starblaze by John Reynolds & Shade Smith

TWO ACT Principals : 4m, 3f, 1m/f     Support : 13m/f with Chorus
Set in the future. Aboard their space ship Vigilant, the female Space Pirates have captured the evil dictator Odium. Later they are forced to land on a dark and strange planet called Zodark and encounter some Misunderstood Monsters. Features Rock 'n' Roll music, large chorus songs and solo ballads.
The Cool Yule Mule - a modern nativity

The Cool Yule Mule by Peter White

TWO ACT Principals : 3m, 2f  Support : 7m, 5f, 13m/f & Chorus ~~ Alternative Nativity ~~
Meet Max, the smooth-talkin' mule who just lurves the open road. When he's bought by Big Joe, the carpenter, he's hoping adventure lies ahead. But, he's about to get a lot more than he bargained for as he becomes part of the greatest story ever told. So, saddle up and enjoy the ride as Max meets some extremely bizarre characters including a homesick horse, a diva donkey and a hippie sheep! This fun-packed Christmas story will keep you laughing and tapping your feet all the way. This alternative nativity features a large cast, a great selection of original music and there's not a tea-towel in sight!

Valley Of The Voodons by John Reynolds & Shade Smith

TWO ACT Principals : 4m, 5f     Support : 18m/f with Chorus
A musical with a conservationist theme set on a distant planet, where the people of Zandrus are plagued by periodic attacks from the evil Voodons. Queen Fara is retiring in favour of her daughter Princess Kimnos, to the fury of her lazy son Prince Dronos. Voodons attack the city and capture the Prince and Princess. In Voodon Valley, the creatures, in cohorts with a land despoiler Baron Wastes, are constructing a machine that will manufacture magdonite - a deadly substance that can be used in the tip of intergalactic warheads. The machine ultimately gets turned against Baron Wastes and the Voodon leader Stark, so that peace and harmony can be established on Planet Zodark.

Jukebox Musical 'What's New Pussycat?' by Judith Prior

What's New Pussycat? by Judith Prior

TWO ACT Prinicpals : 5m, 12f, 8m/f (plus chorus)
A light hearted, fun musical for a large mixed cast of young people. Inspired by the story of 'Puss in Boots' the show embraces an eclectic collection of great pop and rock songs drawn from the rock era of the fifties and sixties through to today’s hit parade that the cast and audience will identify with and enjoy. Including 'Material Girl', 'I Wanna Be a Billionaire', 'These Boots Were Made For Walkin', 'Walk Right In', 'You Better Shop Around', 'Ballin’ the Jack', 'Congratulations', 'What’s New Pussycat?', 'Hey Baby', 'Simple Simon Says', and more. Simple sets and costumes make the piece ideally suitable for School or Youth Theatre.

Windust by John Reynolds & Shade Smith

TWO ACT Principals : 10m, 6f, 3m/f     Support : 9m, 1f, 7m/f with Chorus
A satire on the western movie genre. Little River is constantly plagued by drought and bandits, so in desperation, the sheriff sends for the Drongo Kid, a gunfighter whom he has found in the Yellow Pages, but who turns out to be shortsighted and incompetent. Two school children, Shane and Charlotte escape into the hills where they are captured by bandits. Realising that an attack is imminent, the school teacher persuades the sheriff to treat the bandits with kindness and generosity, a plan which backfires. However, the arrival of Professor Pecksniff, a travelling quack doctor and the erratic behaviour of the Drongo Kid save the day. It transpires that the professor is a geologist who has discovered a permanent water supply, thereby saving the town and ensuring its future prosperity.

Senior Catalogue (12-18)

Arabian Nights, youth musical

Arabian Nights by Adam Forde & David Perkins

* TWO ACT Main Principals : 2m, 2f  Other Principals : 16m, 7f, 11m/f   plus flexible Chorus
The story of the beautiful queen Sheherezade, and her ability to tell captivating stories to her cruel husband, King Sharyar. Five stories are played out in song and dance, and, in their telling Sheherezade neatly leads the King's mind away from his reason for being heartless and cruel, ensuring her own future as queen is secure. Large cast, superb music ... great fun.

The Razzle Dazzle Man by Tony Layton, Roger Hart & John Bilsborough

TWO ACT Principals : 2m, 2f     Support : 10m, 11f (doubling possible) with Chorus
The story is based loosely on the parable of The Prodigal Son coupled with Faustian soul-selling. A young man, bored with life on the farm, travels to the big city, only to be drawn into the underworld of Lew Cifer. Lew and his band of female sinners lead him into crime, but he is drawn back to the straight and narrow by his girlfriend and a mysterious old woman. 'The Razzle Dazzle Man' is a terrific musical show, with an underlying moral theme that it tells without preaching.
'The Wind In The Willows' musical

The Wind In The Willows by Adam Forde & David Perkins

* TWO ACT Principals : 7m, 1f, 2m/f     Support : 5m, 8f, 17m/f (plus Chorus)
A new adaptation of this popular classic, first performed at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford. When Mole pops up into the open air, a wonderful new world full of exhilarating adventures and new friends is revealed; boating with the gentle Ratty, feasting with the noble Badger and a series of mad-cap escapades with the reckless Toad. The audacious Mr Toad leads the friends from one adventure to another, upturned caravans, stolen motorcars, train chases ... But after Toad's daring prison escape can they all join together and beat the sinister inhabitants lurking within the Wild Wood, save Toad Hall and restore order on the River Bank?