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Our office is open for one day per week until further notice
and we are currently unable to fulfil orders for Printed Scripts and items despatched on USB Sticks.

We've been open throughout the pandemic dealing with its ramifications, and we're going to take a break until things change regarding theatre.
All aspects of our operation will be affected:
Quotations, Licensing, Sales, and General Enquiries. Please be patient if we take a long time to respond.



Great New Musicals That Definitely Sell Seats ...

See All Our Short Video Trailers (2-5 mins) on one page

Essgee's Australian Version of 'The Pirates Of Penzance'
Essgee's Australian Version
Whisky Galore: a musical Pride And Prejudice Musical
'Act Your Age' a musical farce for amateur groups 'Billy Buckett' a new 1950's musical 'Witchfinder' dramatic musical theatre
  Musical Comedy: 'The Best Man' by Cook & Newton  

Other New Musicals

Coming Soon
Musical Drama: Jane Eyre
'Cruisin' a 50s musical with original music
'Gullivers Travels' all four books in one musical

... new titles ... new challenges ... new rewards ...

Whilst we're quite happy to take musicals with well-known titles into our catalogue, and do so quite regularly, we're keen to promote lesser-known works by contemporary writers and composers.

Some musicals are timeless and will always find a place on a stage (for example: 'Oklahoma', 'Fiddler On The Roof' etc), but others bloom and fade as tastes change. We see part of our role as a publisher and rights-holder as being a provider of material to fill the gap left by musicals that have had their time (for example: 'The White Horse Inn', 'Die Fledermaus', 'Bless The Bride' etc).

... new titles ... new challenges ... new rewards ...

... we have new musicals that have been tested through one or more productions before being assessed by us for contract and publication ...

... the challenges to you are :-

  • courageousness ("are we adventurous enough to choose one of their titles");
  • intellectual ("will our cast and crew be stimulated by the experience?"); and
  • administrative ("can our marketing team deliver an audience and hence a profit?").

... the potential rewards though are many :-

  • for amateurs, you may attract new members of cast who would frown on appearing in 'Oklahoma', but might fancy something more contemporary. Also, given the right marketing, you could attract a new audience, one that may well be interested in your next production.
  • for fringe and professional, there is a return to be made from appropriately funded productions of new work in the right space with the right cast and the right audience.