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Murder Mystery Drama Play Script: 'A Death Of Convenience' by Ron Hutson

A Death Of Convenience by Ron Hutson

(5m, 4f, 2m/f)
At 'Elmdale', the country seat of Lord And Lady Chestle, one of the family is found dead. Since no one liked her very much, murder is suspected. But, if she was murdered, then how was she murdered? That is the problem that exercises the police. The play has a satisfying sting in the tail that nicely rounds off the script.

Clairvoyant by Philip Meeks

(1m, 1f plus two small non-speaking, face-covered roles) apx 110 mins
A supernatural thriller written by former 'Emmerdale' and 'Heartbeat' scriptwriter, Philip Meeks. It tells the story of Edgar Ryme, a popular medium who has mysteriously disappeared from the public gaze. An investigative journalist tracks him down to a flat in a fading Northern seaside town and despite having turned his back on the spirit world, he agrees to an interview. Her agenda is to discuss the notion of spiritualism and why people are fixated with what awaits them (or doesn't) on 'the other side'. The two compelling characters engage in a battle of wits as a terrifying tale unfolds featuring malevolent spirits, plot twists and heart-stopping shocks.

Murder Mystery Drama Play Script: 'Clean'' by Tim McArthur

Clean by Tim McArthur

(3m, 3f)
Most gay men have quite complex personalities, insecurities, acceptance issues in society, commitment issues in relationships and levels of parental guilt. How does this affect them in their search for the perfect partner? 'Clean' deals with a relationship that blooms and grows, but as it continues a darkness begins to show.  Who has final control of the situation? Where does that insecurity come from? How far do you go to keep the power?

Murder Mystery Drama Play Script: 'Dark Rhapsody'' by Norman Robbins

Dark Rhapsody by Norman Robbins

(3m, 5f, 2m/f)
Serena Dark and her new husband Conrad are hoping to rebuild their lives after a nightmare accident wiped out most of Serena’s famous musical family.  Serena’s ex-husband wants to cash in with a book on the Dark family and wants information, which Serena refuses to give.  Days later his body is found and whilst the police are investigating another death occurs.

Murder Mystery Drama Play Script: 'Gold, Frankincense And Murder'' by Bryan Darby

Gold Frankincense And Murder by Bryan Darby

(3m, 3f, 1m/f)
Christmas Eve in Compton Gurney. Parishioners gathering for Midnight Mass are unaware that the parish priest lies ill in the hospital and the Bishop lies dead in the church. In a makeshift incident room adjoining the church, the investigating police are about to discover that some crimes are far worse than murder.


Mask For Murder by Frank Williams

(3m, 2f) 
When a wealthy woman’s second husband dies of arsenic poisoning, she becomes suspected of both his death, and that of her first husband, when it is established that arsenic was involved in both deaths. She protests her innocence, and evidence does point towards another, but her son, her housekeeper and the young doctor next door have a hard time proving it. The play can be set anywhere between 1870 and 1930.


Murder Amongst Friends by Diana Raffle

(2m, 3f) 
After discovering the body of her boyfriend, Julia Fraser seeks refuge at the home of her ex-lover and his wife. However, it’s not long before Julia makes a gruesome discovery and the finger of suspicion points to all those around her. Deeply bedded jealousies and revenge surface, as the plot twists to implicate the most unlikely suspect. Then the police make an arrest, and one man is left with the evidence to save his wife, but will he use it? Perhaps someone else’s set up is just what he’s been looking for, but will it save him or kill him too?

Murder Mystery Drama Play Script: 'Murder By Default' by Bettine Manktelow

Murder By Default by Bettine Manktelow

(2m, 2f) 
After a few unexpected deaths at a theatrical retirement home, one of the retired actor residents starts to suspect that the deaths have been stage managed to conceal the true reason behind them. Who is the mysterious Dr Sampson, why has nobody ever seen him, why does he only certify deaths in the middle of the night, and what part does the exceptionally helpful warden play in the affair?

Murder On Cue by Robin Jennifer Miller

(3m, 6f: of which 2m, 4f are in their 60s/70s/80s) apx 105 mins, exc interval
Maple Lodge is a retirement home for actors where gossip and old rivalries sustain the residents as much as the dry sherry and shepherd's pie. Tensions are raised by an outbreak of anonymous letters. With the home cut off by snow and with the re-writing of a will and dark secrets emerging, murder is perhaps inevitable... (Note: Customers in the USA should use the re-titled, but otherwise identical, play: 'Murder At Maple Lodge')

Murder Weekend by Frank Williams

(4m, 3f)
Twenty years before, a young woman was murdered and despite a trial the culprit was never found guilty. Now, a group of murder re-enactment enthusiasts meet in an hotel to go over the case for fun. But maybe it’s not for fun? Maybe it’s deadly serious as one of them just might have been the killer. Set in the 1950’s the play is full of twists and turns with the true identity not revealed until the last page.

Murder Mystery Drama Play Script: 'Practice To Deceive' by Gawthorpe & Bown

Practice To Deceive by Ann Gawthorpe & Lesley Bown

A murder mystery with a difference as the audience can never be sure who killed whom. Set in the mid-1950s, 'Practice To Deceive' is about a group of middle class women who hold a committee meeting to make the final arrangements for a Christmas Bazaar When one of them collapses, is it a straightforward case of natural causes, or has something more sinister happened? A second mysterious death soon afterwards puts political ambitions in jeopardy and causes secrets to be revealed.

Murder Mystery Drama Play: 'Psychic Connections' by Philip Ayckbourn

Psychic Connections by Philip Ayckbourn

(2m, 4f)
Set in the present day and in the eighteen-eighties in The Old School House in Cranleigh, Surrey. TV psychic medium Trisha Watkins hypnotically regresses Craig and Ollie to come face to face with their past life selves and past misdeeds. A blend of ghost story, detective and thriller, it’s a play that keeps the audience guessing to the end as to what’s real… and what isn’t.


School For Murder by Bettine Manktelow

(1m, 5f) apx 110 mins 
The scene is a lonely guest house in the Cotswolds where some aspiring writers gather for a course in writing a murder mystery. Their quest for fiction turns into fact when not only is there a mysterious disappearance but also an apparent murder. The phones are down, the lights are out, and a stranger is threatening the landlady. Is this really happening, or is it part of the course?

Murder Mystery Drama Play Script: 'The Constant Corpse' by Norman Robbins

The Constant Corpse by Norman Robbins

(3m, 4f, 2m/f)
When the Bodypartz agency clients are brought together in a country hotel for a celebration, things are not quite what they appear.  Why has their agent not arrived and more to the point why is the despised head of a rival agency also at the hotel?  A tale of intrigue, deception, attempted murder, and death, with an unexpected twist at the end.

Murder Mystery Play Script: 'The Death Of Me' by Christine Foster

The Death Of Me by Christine Foster

(2m, 3f) apx 110 mins
A fifty-something couple is horrified to find themselves suddenly dead - and wandering in limbo. When Eerie Voices give them permission to go back and relive their final hours to discover ‘whodunit’, their supernatural return becomes a race to unravel the truth in one last evening of love, confusion and murder before their time runs out... again.

Thriller Play Script: 'The Diamond Necklace' by Juliet Bagnall

The Diamond Necklace by Juliet Bagnall

(6-8m, 3-6f) apx 110 mins
When their friend goes missing Charles and Louise Maudelsey suspect her husband. But he is being blackmailed by his cousin. And both of them are somehow involved with a dodgy nightclub being investigated by Scotland Yard. When the police fail to act, the couple turn detective, with deadly consequences. A 1950s-style radio thriller read on stage with live sound effects produced in front of the audience.

Murder Mystery Play Script: 'The Ghost in The Meadow' by Joe Simonelli

The Ghost in The Meadow by Joe Simonelli

(1m, 4f) apx 110 mins
Fans of old fashioned ghost stories will enjoy this creepy thriller. When two sisters relocate from Manhattan to an old farm house in upstate New York, they soon realise that they may not be alone in the house. An old boyfriend drops in to visit and when the strange occurrences continue he calls on the services of a psychic colleague to try to quell the restless spirits. Based on the legend of the blue boy.

Thriller Play Script: 'The Hound Of The Baskervilles' by Conan Doyle adapted by Catherine O'Reilly & Tim Churchill

The Hound Of The Baskervilles by Conan Doyle adapted by Catherine O'Reilly & Tim Churchill

(6m, 4f) apx 110 mins
A brand-new adaptation of the classic Conan Doyle mystery - probably the most famous of all the Sherlock Holmes thrillers. The Baskerville family have long been haunted by the tale of a terrifying and spectral hound that wanders the bleak moors surrounding the ancestral home. Following the death of Sir Charles Baskerville, and the imminent arrival of the new heir, Sherlock Holmes is assigned to investigate. Does this Hound of Hell exist? Is it a supernatural entity that Haunts this cursed family? Or is there something far more sinister occurring that puts the new owner of Baskerville Hall in grave danger?

Thriller Play Script: 'The Haunting Of Billop House' by Joe Simonelli

The Haunting Of Billop House by Joe Simonelli

(2m, 2f) apx 110 mins
When a famous thriller novelist & playwright pays a weekend visit to his sister-in-law, his niece and his niece's boyfriend he gets a little 'too close for comfort' to his subject matter! His sister-in-law is the new caretaker of one of the oldest (and allegedly most haunted) manor houses in New York state.  Through a series of experiments in past life regression they all discover the diabolical secrets of the house.

Thriller Play Script: 'The Road Hill House Murder' by David Morrison

The Road Hill House Murder by David Morrison

(8m, 5f, 1jnr-m)
It is 1860, at Hill House in the village of Road, Wiltshire. A young boy’s body is found down an outside privy, with his throat cut. But who managed to abduct him from a locked house, and why? No-one has a motive, but many have something to hide. This play reveals the infidelities, jealousies and ruthlessness that existed within the middle-class society of Victorian England and caused the scandal of the age. This is a true story - these events, dramatised here, actually happened.

The Widow by Merlin Ward

(3m, 6f) apx 110 mins
'The Widow' is a contemporary gothic thriller with a beautiful heroine, a twisted antagonist, an ancient scandal and a long-dead victim still haunting the halls of a stately home. It is a gripping tale of thwarted ambition, unswerving maternal love, and a doomed romance that warms the heart and draws us into a rich story that will resonate long after the final curtain.

Thriller Drama Play Script: 'The Witch's House' by Norman Robbins

The Witch's House by Norman Robbins

(3m, 6f) apx 110 mins
When a struggling author decides to rent the same cottage of deceased well known horror writer are his motives really to try and gain inspiration for his writing?  Will the history of the cottages previous owners have any bearing on events, or is the book “The Witches of Deepton”, just a figment of Sonia’s wild imagination?  Where there any murders committed in the past and more to the point will there be in the future?

Murder Mystery Play: 'Three-Quarter Moon' by Bryan Darby

Three-Quarter Moon by Bryan Darby

(2m, 3f, 2m/f)
Today’s menu for a cosy family dinner… Starter: a friendly chat liberally sprinkled with doubts concerning a husband’s fidelity. Entrée: an angry outburst; a mysterious gift; an unexpected caller and an accident. Main Course: a revelation; a fight and a missing knife; drizzled with just a hint of fresh blood. To Follow: a police investigation leading to a terrifying discovery. Truly an unforgettable experience for all! But, cosy?


Where You Going, Bobby Fortner? by Robert Witt

(Principals: 4m, 1f  Support 3m, 3f) apx 100 mins
Bobby, living in a small American town, discovers that illegal dumping of toxic chemicals is taking place in the local river, but nobody in the town seems to be interested - not even the Sheriff. In passing, he mentions it to his doctor who agrees to help Bobby find the culprits as the town's water supply is at risk. This play for young adults raises topics of the environment, collusion, teenage relationships and trust.

See also these Comedy Murder Mystery Plays...

Murder Afoot! by Knut Naerum

(5m, 5f)
The action unfolds in the Drawing Room of wealthy factory owner Titus Platt’s rather stately home somewhere in 1930’s England. Titus is murdered and Inspector Bullock of the Yard is sent for. When he starts to investigate, there are many suspects: the son, Malcolm; his sister Penny; her fiancé Thomas; the maid, Livia; the house keeper, Miss Grimlish, and the mysterious new chauffeur, Dick Drake. When a man staggers in, bound and gagged, and says that he too is Inspector Bullock, there’s quite some explaining to do!

Comedy Murder Mystery Play: 'Murder With Ghosts' by Simon Brett

Murder With Ghosts by Simon Brett

(5m, 4f) During a weekend house party at Quittendon Manor, the owner, Lady Cholmondley, tells a private investigator, Peregrine Villiers, that she believes she is about to be murdered. However, it is he who is murdered first. To his surprise, he returns to the action immediately, as a ghost. Since the other characters can neither see him or hear him, he can only watch, as other weekend guests get murdered and join him on the Other Side. Who is left alive at the end? Just one person and the ghosts know the answer!